Toyota Celsior with Century front end and a complete K Break kit. Undoubtedly one of the finest conversions out there. Not only that but we would actually go as far as saying that it’s one of the greatest VIP builds to come out of Japan in recent times. If you’re a fan of the VIP styling chances are you’ve already seen it before, but not with the newest wheels that it rocked at Tokyo Auto Salon. All new K-Break Hybreed Cross 9’s in stunning 19×9.5 up front and 19×12 in the rear. Fitted to perfection to say the least. As we sit and write this post we can’t stop asking ourselves, when will someone stateside build something with so much character and precision? Don’t get us wrong, we’ve seen several incredible builds (specifically from NY, NJ, TX & CA) but nothing as wild as this. We have faith though. Hit the Read More button and enjoy rest of the photos.

Photos By: Park Baker exclusively for

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  1. Sean Peazy

    I was wondering when this car was gong to be done. seen pics of the car while being worked.
    the front is a little smaller *in height* than the car…but it’s different and looks good. classic ls460 fog retrofits set it off too. hands down to the kings in J land for doing it first as always


    dope, thx for posting this Elvis……any chance for a feature on the Bee Dragon Cima next to it?

  3. randy

    i have aways liked the toyota celsior, as usual japan aways does welll when it cums to the v.i.p scene,luv it

  4. Nas2000

    You are wrong with 19×12, its even 19×12,5 with a 275-30 Tire!
    Pretty Sick… i love it!

  5. legobrainboy

    Not so precise when they installed the left side exhaust though, were they? But a sweet looking ride nonetheless.

  6. Travis

    omg. . FAP FAP FAP

    One of the best cars I’ve ever seen on this website HANDS DOWN.

  7. quintin

    beautiful! I want those wheels but at $1248 a piece for 18×10 +18 offset $_$ man that’s steep but you gotta pay to play!


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