We’ve always loved the sharp and sporty curves that these beautiful cars have going for them. This particular one comes to us all the way from Japan and it belongs to Toshi-San. We first saw this car last year in one of our event coverages and it was love at first sight. You would expect crazy body work & camber, but it’s just the opposite. Simple stock body and barely any camber especially when aired up. We all know how easy it is for us to get carried away with offsets, stretch, & etc, now imagine how it is in Japan where it seems like everyone is pushing things to the extremes.

Photos By: Shota Mori exclusively for StanceNation.com

As we mentioned earlier, this sexy CL7 sits on ACC air runner setup and is rocking SPC rear camber arms. It’s under carriage literally sits on the ground when parked and just millimeters off the ground when being driven. We also love Toshis choice of wheels which happen to be Work Meister M1R’s. Fronts are 18×9 +38 with 20mm spacers and 205/35/18 tires while in the back he has a 18×9 +19 with 10mm spacers and a slightly less stretched pair of 215/35/18 tires. Hiding behind those beautiful Works is a set of Project Mu 4 pot calipers all around which.

There you have it guys. Just as we always say, less is more. A beautiful daily driver that’ll break necks rolling down the road. As always, make sure you click the Read More button below to check out more photos that our awesome photographer Shota Mori took. You’ll recognize almost all of the other cars in the photo as we featured them in the past. Simply use the search bar on the right to search for a specific ride!

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  1. Andy

    Wow… So clean & beautiful… I might be buying one of these by the summer here in Miami, FL… I was thinking about lowering it by using springs or coil overs.. After viewing so many of them and considering the rainy season here in Miami, I think I would rather get bags for it… Any suggestions please? It would be highly appreciated… Beautiful car!!!

  2. Mike

    I have a silver Accord, USA version. These pics give me food for thought. Thanks for sharing!

  3. CraziieOne

    the car ive always wanted (which i cant afford) … the wheels that are oh-so-sexy (which is love at first sight) ………

  4. Borja

    The Accord is awesome, but the Civic Eg seems to be better than the Accord. More Pic’s of the Civic?

  5. Gary

    I have a TSX 06′ looking for the same look! I currently have the mugen kit and other mugen exterior parts, just looking for the suspension kit for and camber arms here in the US. If anyone knows where to find the parts!

  6. red_ej25

    why does the rear right (passenger) tire tuck rim but the rear left (driver) side sit on the lip? it confuses me… but still supper clean.

  7. Kevin

    Hey Elvis, any way to tag posts with the photogs name? Would make it easy in instances like this to find the other features (assuming Toshi shot them as well).

    • Elvis

      Kevin, great idea! Though you can always use the search bar on the right. We’ll definitely consider that!

  8. ray

    finally ACURA’S getting love on this sight,these are great cars and you get a lot for ur money…..just sayin


    very fresh ride!!!!!!!!!! more of this plzzzz

    @itsdielawn… well actually its only an Acura TSX in America, this car is the Honda Accord for the Japan and Euro market :)

  10. Alex

    The most gorgeous accord ive ever seen…so simple no blacked out tints no stickers all over the windows..no horrible fender rolling…just simple and clean :)


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