We can’t even begin to tell you how honored we are to have the opportunity of showing you Daniel’s pride and joy. From the very first time we laid our eyes on it we were determined to have it right here on StanceNation. With so many s-chassis in this “scene” of ours it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed, we can all agree on that. In our opinion, Daniel definitely found that median where his car is different just enough without going overboard. But let’s not get carried away, we’re here today to show you Daniel’s beautiful ride. You can never go wrong with Black on Takata green. Daniel however took things to another level and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about below.

Photos By: Jared Houston exclusively for StanceNation.com

Daniel bought the car in 2006, bone stock, which he then stripped! Little by little he started upgrading and adding parts as new and improved ones hit to the market. Just like most (if not all) builds, there were some challenges that Daniel faced, but around November of last year, the car was finally “completed”. It now makes 422rwhp w/368tq, sits low and wide, and actually looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Daniel tells us that practically every nut and bolt is new and everything is powder coated, even the front and rear subframes.

The motor is fully built and features things like Brian Crower cams, Wiesco Pistons eagle rods & cosmetic head gasket arp head studs. Also, all custom intake manifold, custom exhaust manifold, precision 6262. 44 mm tial wastegate, custom intercooler & intercooler piping, custom intake with a HKS hi-flow intake filter, 800cc injectors, Sard FPR and Q45 throttle body. The bay is “wire tucked to hell”, as Daniel says and it’s also sporting a custom tub job. Plan for the car was to make around 430RWHP, but now that he is past that his goal is to be sitting somewhere around 600hp! From the sound of it, it’s just a matter of time before we see this thing pushing north of 600RWHP!

When Daniel started building his car he knew exactly what he wanted. An all around, well built car with nothing but quality. On the inside you can find things like Bride Digos seats w/Takata Racing harnesses, a Nardi steering wheel w/NRG slim hub with a quick release, completely custom rear seats with Bride material to match his fronts of course and a custom 6pt welded in cage. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

With that we come to the exterior. As we mentioned before, you really can’t go wrong with Black on Takata green especially on these cars. The wheels are Volk TE37′s obviously, sized at 18×9.5 with +12 offset up front and 18×10.5 with +15 offset in the rear. They’re wrapped in Falken 912′s in 215/40/18 up front and 235/40/18 in the rear. All of the suspensions bushings are made by Energy , while Suspension Techniques takes care of front and rear sway bars. It also respectively sits on K-sport coilovers (which we hear great things about) while SPL took care of the traction/camber/control arms. We’re hoping to get a chance to see this thing in person some day.

We’ll end it here and leave you with some more incredible photos that our friend Jared Houston provided us with (make sure you visit his site by clicking here). We’re confident that this won’t be the last time you’re seeing Daniels car. While he builds his cars for no one but himself, he did tell us that one of his dreams & goals in life was to see a car he built in a magazine. If you ask us, it’s just a matter of time. What do you say? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Austin

    I would have gumby ride in the passenger seat, and tell everybody else, they are walking :p

  2. AlexMisa

    I absolutely love how these cars look.
    I’m planning on picking up a car to use as a track car, would these cars make a good first track car? After the necessary suspension and chassis upgrades?

  3. ben

    this car is beautiful. averything is done preefectly. good work. and this is actually a onevia (180sx front and s13 rear) not a sil80 (s13 front and 180sx rear).

  4. Shane

    This thing is AWESOME! @joebuggy its the reverse to a sil80, we call it an “onevia” “one”eighty and sil”via”. I am unsure of why Americans call it a 240sx? the rear is a s13, in N.Z we have s14’s sometimes labelled as 240sx

  5. Scotrod

    Easily this is one of the best 240’s i’ve seen put together, Clean and Simple is always better then Loud and Gaudy IMO. Sick Car for sure.

  6. Darkluder

    Nice! …and Shane american call it 240sx cause here they have sell us this version that come from factory with those front end and they sell it as 240sx coupe and the s14 are also call 240sx in north america. ..and the 180sx are call 240sx hatchback. They didnt sell any silvia in north america only 240sx!

  7. Clarke240

    Its called the 240SX because it came with a 2.4L KA24DE. They all have this front end, thought 89-90 have the “pig nose” front end which is very similar other than 2 slits between the head lights. Your 180SX is our 240SX fastback (not hatchback) and our 240SX coupe is your Silvia.

  8. Jordan

    Just to further clarify. US 240sx’s came with both a sohc and dohc 2.4 liter engine. Our s13’s were all given bumper covers used on zenki and chuki 180sx’s minus vents for smic.


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