One of the cars I looked forward to seeing in person the most during the recent WekFest San Francisco event was this particular Honda Insight. I don’t know anything specific about it (besides the obvious) but from all the photos I saw, it looks pretty damn awesome. When this thing was pulling in straight 4×4 style (photos below) there wasn’t any cameras flashing, no neck breaking or finger pointing, it was just a black Insight pulling in with no “stance” at all. That all changed however when the car parked. The car went down a good foot and sat just right on those beautiful Volk TE37’s. Photographers & videographers stormed in and rest was history. I just have a feeling that you’ll be seeing a lot more of this car this summer. Check out these few random photos I managed shoot.

Photos By: Elvis Skender exclusively for

Ridiculous fitment and attention to detail. Carbon fiber roof, center exhaust, crazy fitment, J’s racing rear wing & a ton more! Major kudos to the owners of this beast. Hit us up if you know who owns it. We would love to feature this thing with some better photos in the near future. More on WekFest San Francisco tomorrow night!