Mother of God, how effing awesome is this!? Yes, you’re looking at the all new Subaru BRZ aka Scion FR-S that’s as slammed, fitted, stanced, dumped, whatever you want to call it, as it gets. We’re talking literally laying frame and rocking that lip to fender fitment that we all love so much. The only downside to all of this is that it’s not a real car. It’s actually just a render by our very talented friend Esteban Biber. He slammed the car on a set of CCW’s and added a few of our products such as the StanceNation license plate frame, freshasf*ck sticker on the back window and that purple lanyard hanging off the door. He also cleaned up the rear end by removing the badging and lights seen in the rear diffuser. With that said, we want to thank Esteban for showing us just how sexy the new BRZ/FRS will be when the stance/fitment crowd get’s their hands on one! How many of you would consider getting into one of these after you saw this photo? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Render By: Esteban Biber exclusively for

Source Photo.