Here is one of our favorite S14’s stateside at the moment. It belongs to a good friend of ours out of Arizona by the name of Raymond Hargraves Jr. We’ve been on Raymond about featuring his car for what seems like years now and while we’re not quite there yet we do have this awesome video that our video & photographer Dax Rodriguez shot. You can expect the feature to hit our homepage very soon but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this awesome video! You’ll also be able to see more of this car in the upcoming Import Tuner magazine.

Video By: Dax Rodriguez // Street Sweeper Gang exclusively for

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    • Austin

      this this called “my favorite song” by Wiz Khalifa (feat. Juicy J) this is off his free “Taylor Allderdice” album i hope this helped :)

  1. IMO

    The camber is perfect. It looks like a baller drift car, and that is how an s chassis should be if it is not a missile. This car has me excited to build my 13.

  2. ray

    crazy i paused my radio because i was listening to allderdice then I press play on your video and its a track from the same mixtape………..FTW


  3. Punkky Brewster

    Dope video, such a clean S14. well done to the owner and thank you for the upload.

    Very Much Well Enjoyed. FreshasF*ck

  4. Mike S

    Straight riding around with no plates hahahaah love it…perfect song too

  5. N99GT

    i think there a bit too much camber upfront…..still sick though, makes a change to see a S-Chassis thats not in a drifting video!

  6. kc boi

    awesome song, perfect for the video, with the editing and all those camera angles, and the tunnel shot, its is MONEY!! camber on all four is perfect i notice he was rocking to plates.. love that and nrg quick release with bride seats are a nice touch

  7. @NovacaineGanesh

    Everything just look so smoothly beautiful. Props to the photographer, the way its shot the car doesnt look like its moving – just the world around it.


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