Literally about 24 hours ago Hellaflush Hawaii went down in Honolulu, HI. The event really needs no introduction since we’re all pretty familiar with it but for those who aren’t, it’s basically a mostly “fitment-oriented” event that the Fatlace crew puts together every year. We covered it last year and this year is no different. (Click here to check out part 1 & part 2) Luckily we had both our photographer Emil Corpuz as well as our videographer Jay Mora covering the show and they did an awesome job. 100+ photos and a badass video, you’re going to love this coverage!!

Photos & Videos by: Emil Corpuz & Jay Mora exclusively for

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  1. Makaofox

    On picture #40 what color is that s2k? Would appreciate a color code? Been looking everywhere for that color! Amazing pics LOVE the datsun! But im biased ;)

  2. Kevin T

    Damn hawaiians know how to do it up these days! Some really beautiful cars…that one Supra is friggin clean…

  3. chris

    too many hondas(as always)
    and whats up with positive camber on the supra?? o.O

  4. Travis Thacker

    more on the yota with the cage and the datsun? please and thank you

  5. jsp

    man there were alot of sick trucks. what happened to the 80s style toy with the reverse mesh? also the tacoma with the white fn01s? those trucks were more flush than alot of the cars?

  6. jsp

    nevermind. the rollcaged toys pics just popped up. the 2 tacos that were static dropped looked clean tho

  7. nooneimportant

    what was up with that light green civic dropping is car after he parked it?

  8. harrison

    can anyone please tell me how, where or what that skateboard is at 00:22?

  9. luke truehart

    that white toy p/u needs to lose that bumper and net tailgate should get a combo or at least a rollpan that bumper looked huge. I’d pick up the kids for sure in that yota minivan that looked mean as hell. Also that white widebodied s2k looked sick. Good lookin cars all around looked to b an awesome show


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