Sometimes we have hard time coming up with the appropriate titles for our features and this particular one was no exception. Well, until we saw the shirt Raymond was wearing (see photo below) that is. “Serious Business” is as appropriate as it gets for this mean looking machine, don’t you think? We’ve been working with Dax Rodriguez (photographer) on getting this car up on our site for months now so we’re super stoked to finally make it happen. It also happened just at the right time because just days after most of these photos were shot Raymond (owner) got rid of his wheels. Anyway, enough of the rambling. Allow us to introduce you to Raymond and his jaw dropping (and easily one of our favorite) Nissan S14. Raymond is reppin’ the hot & humid state of Arizona and he rolls with his crew who go by the name of Street Sweeper Gang. More on them here, but let’s learn more about Raymond and his ride..

Photos By: Dax Rodriguez exclusively for

Raymond has been a Nissan lover for a long time and right after crashing his previous S14, he got his hands on this particular one. The idea was to build a “dream” 240SX no matter how long it took or how much work was involved. Raymond’s goal was to not only build something he was proud of but at the same time show the world that not all S-Chassis cars are “cookie cutter”. Raymond saw that the scene was full of kids rocking “knock-off” so he took the higher road and went authentic with everything. Regardless of price, if he wanted it, he saved and got it.

Let’s start with the fitment numbers. As you can tell Raymond’s current wheels are Weds Kranze LXZ’s Front specs are 18×10 with an offset of -44 while the rears are crazy aggressive 18×11.5 with an offset of -8! Weds Kranze LXZ’s are some of our favorite wheels out there. Their design is timeless and they will look good on almost any kind of vehicle. As you can see in the photos below, behind those sexy wheels sit SER Brembo front brakes. Raymond previously ran a set of SSR VF1 on his ride and the car looked just as awesome. (click here)

Want to talk chassis? This car shines in that department. PBM coilovers (10K/8K), Tanabe front sway bar, SPL tension rods, tire rods, rear toe, the list keeps going. It’s even got a 1 piece aluminum drive shaft and Tomei 2 way differential. You’re definitely going to want to scroll on the bottom of the page to check out the entire spec list.

Up next we’ll take a look at what Raymond did to change the cars overall appearance. His favorite kit for these cars is the legendary Authentic BN Sports type 4 aero. A must have for Raymond. He also added the 30mm BN Sports front fenders up front and 50mm BN Sports fender in the rear. Going after that “aggressive” look even further, Raymond added a Dmax kouki hood and a set of European kouki headlights. He then finished everything off with a fresh coat of Melbourne metallic red paint from the BMW E92 M3. It’s funny how we can literally put months and months of hard work into a couple of sentences, but we’re sure you can imagine the time and money that all this work took.

Interior features a Works Bell short hub w/quick release and a Vertex Anniversary steering wheel. You’ll also spot Defi white racer gauges [boost, water temp, oil press] and those awesome Bride ZETA III seats. Really the only thing that would set this car over the top is something proper under the hood, right? Scroll down for more!

Under the hood sits a Nissan S14 Kouki SR20DET engine accompanied by a GT2871R turbo w/3071 compressor housing. Again, the list of modifications is unbelievable so make sure you scroll down and check it all out. This is easily one of the best built cars all around that we have ever featured. Big ups to Raymond for literally turning his life long dream into reality. Scroll down for a few more photos.

So what does the future hold? Well, first of all, Raymond is currently on a hunt for some new wheels. He is also looking into getting the new turbo set up tuned to make even more power. This isn’t confirmed yet but our photographer Dax who happens to be a good friend of Raymond tells us that Raymond is also in the process of building another s14 to top this one. He clearly loves his Nissans!

We’ll leave you here with a few more photos and of course a huge thank you to our photographer Dax Rodriguez for making our dream come true by getting this car on our site. Be on the lookout for the next issue of Import Tuner where you’ll be able to see even more of Raymonds car. If you think your ride has what it takes please don’t hesitate to email us at with a few photos of your ride!

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  1. Ryan

    This thing is super clean and built for fun. Way to go. I have a wide body project in the works but need some help. I am trying to fit Work Meister S1’s 18×10.5 -26 in the front and 18×12.5 -39 in the rear. I need some info for over fenders to fit these massive rims and a shop that can make mine look as clean as yours.

  2. IMO

    High school kids on prom night had to get in that last shot and stare so hard. Cars dope, think I mentioned it when it was featured on that one website, I thought it was this one, I guess its that other one.

  3. AlexMisa

    Damn this is beautiful.
    Anyone got an idea how much this would probably cost him? Not including the car?

    • Haterade

      At the least, 30k on top of the car. Wonder how much debt hes in lol

  4. Kenzo

    “When this song comes on I’m spending money, spending money, spending money, spending money, spending money
    Play something I can spend some money to money to money to money to”

  5. nattydread

    your are doing serious business,your 240sx is a killer love the curren$y music in your video

  6. Tony

    I just think it’s funny that nice of a car and he in the ghetto having to use ghetto azz ramps just to be able to drive..stupid if you ask me.

  7. TerryJ

    I have to say this is pretty much one of those builds that are too flawless,one glance at the car can tell you that alot of hard work & patience went into this along with the dedication & the vision to take this car to that extra step.Alot of ppl ask us why do we do this or where do we even get the time but its something an enthusiast can understand.I look at this & makes me proud of what I do.Props to the owner on such a beautiful car & again i say thank you Stancenation for doing what you guys do.

  8. CAM

    is great to see more african american in the game much love to u hommie

  9. WIdebody Nissan

    Men I seen his car and his team mate with the 93 240sx most props for yall and Team Street Sweeper yall team is doing it big any openings for a new member I would be gladly to join?

  10. nissan4life

    Sick!! Cant even imagine how good it looks in person. Does anybody know what song that is?

  11. luke truehart

    I gotta b one of those guys that has to correct you on the stupid stuff but AZ isn’t humid at all its hot like hell and dry. just had to say that. its gotta b a pain in the ass to do all that work to get in and out the driveway every time what about all the other driveways u cant fit that wood in your car to do it away from home. Get air. Car looks amazing my only issue is the taillights should tint em or get em painted its the middle section that bugs me.with a car that looks this nice its the little things that u can have suggestions for cus everything else is covered and done well.


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