If you’re one of our 200k+ Facebook fans (click here) chances are you’ve seen us post a video of this car before. Many of you thought it was the silliest thing ever to be throwing sparks on a car that’s sitting on coilovers, but not us, and clearly not Julian. Julian happens to be the owner of this ridiculously low Acura TSX who he drives on daily basis. Don’t ask us how he does it though, you’ll have to check out this video that Mike Sugg recently shot to get an idea. The Pacific Northwest has been putting out a ton of amazing cars lately so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Julian happens to be from Bellevue, Washington. These guys know their sh*t, let’s just leave it at that for now…

Photos By: Kee May exclusively for StanceNation.com

Julian previously owned a 2007 Honda Accord and had plans of getting it to where his TSX is at now, but unfortunately it was totaled and he never had that chance. Right when he first purchased his TSX he instantly fell in love with the Euro R lip kit for the 06-08 TSX, but eventually he ended up changing his mind and deciding to go for an 04-05 front end simply because he felt that it looked more aggressive. Being on a pretty tight budget, he went with the VIS replica lips since he couldn’t afford the hefty price tag of the real Euro R sides and rear, and not to mention the wait time to ship from Japan. He seems like a pretty simple kind of guy when it comes to modding. Well, simple with a crazy obsession for lows that is. We have yet to see another TSX that sits as low as Julian’s and we’ve seen many..

You’re asking yourselves, just how does he sit so low? It’s pretty simple actually. Twist the crap out of your BC Racing BR Extreme coilovers perches with some 18kg/16kg springs, upgrade to J’s racing extended lower ball joints and accept the fact that sooner or later you’re going to end up on the side of the road with broken oil pan or something along those lines. Actually, when we asked Julian what he has planned for his car, he told us that everything is on hold as recently his axle snapped and caught on fire. Luckily the fire didn’t do any real damage and the car should be running in a couple weeks. At this point, half of you are probably thinking that Julian needs some serious help while the other half are inspired & motivated to slam your rides.

All of the fenders on the car have been flared properly for that extra clearance. Julian is currently running a set of Work VS-XX wheels sized in 18×10.5 all around with an offset of 19, though we’ve seen photos of this bad boy on a set of Cobra replica wheels and it looks just as good. Julian has been contemplating widening his rear quarter panels and going with a much more aggressive wheel setup since he is getting bored of the VS-XX’s already, so we’re definitely looking forward to that! At the same time we feel that it should be left as is because it’s so damn good.

As said above, the exterior features a 04-05 front bumper, 04-05 VIS Aspec lip, and 06-08 VIS Euro-R sides and rear. Julian tells us that hopefully he’ll end up with an authentic kit in the near future, but it’s not on his priority list at the moment. He is thinking about switching up the front end with a couple different lips so that he’ll be able to switch between them for shows and meets. The California car scene inspired him to want to have several kits and sets of wheels because he says that it seems like everyone down in Cali seems to always have something new on their cars at every show.

One last thing we asked Julian was what his opinion is on the stance/fitment community up in the PNW. His response: “By far the best thing about the stance scene in the northwest is the people I’ve met. We have a really great group of people in the NW and everyone is very supportive. I’d especially like to thank the Tailored Gang for pushing me and my car to what it has become today. Tailored Gang is a close group of friends who are like a second family to me.”

With that said, we’ll leave you with a few more photos as we always do. Also, a huge thanks to Julian as well as Kee May for shooting Julian’s awesome car.

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