We’re running a bit late on this second part of our Hellaflush Kansai photo coverage due to having so many incredible cars to feature. There are still a handful of individual car features lined but we figured if we don’t post this today we won’t get a chance to for another week at least. Anyway, everything that needed to be said about this event that the Fatlace crew put together has already been said previous (click here) so without further adieu, let’s get straight into the photos. This time around we’ll be showing you all the photos that our talented photographer Park Baker sent to us! Big shout out to the FTLC crew from all of us at StanceNation here.

Photos By: Park Baker exclusively for StanceNation.com

14 Responses

  1. Mandem

    Wow, the guy on the red rx-7 took the beautiful stock tail-lights out and put that shit on…

  2. Eric

    I thought I recognized that “Looking Body Tuning and Color’s” red rx-7. I have an issue of Modified Mag from a few years ago with an article about that car ha! Not to mention I have a poster of it on my wall…

  3. gman1227

    the dept of such well designed and built, one off rides is truly refreshing, but seeing xxr’s was slightly disappointing, thought that flaw was mostly state side. great feature gathering none the less

  4. zac

    hey yo do you guys know wear they sell the work wheels and the name on the dark red bmw and on the blue sleepy 180

  5. luke truehart

    6th pic from the end, that fatlace s15 with purple wheels and airbrushed body is a bully. its featured in fast car mag.on facebook, has diamond plate windows- probably stickers but still just mean looking.

  6. luke truehart

    also love the acura tsx wagon. never seen one before but they look sick. Can already picture one slammed on air with a clean lip kit and dished wheels with a loud ass system. Made to go low and slow for all eyes to see- ENVYus!!!


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