Is it just us or has the amount of properly fitted G35 Coupes gone way down in the last few months? For example, last year we had a new G on our site at least once a month, this year however it’s very different. We’re halfway in the year already and this is our first G feature if we remember correctly. This particular one is pretty special to us because it belongs to one of the Low N Slow guys who we happen to be so close to. We featured a few of their cars last month (click here) but never got to Noel’s G35 however. What we learned about Low N Slow from those previous features was that they don’t build their cars for shows or magazine covers. Most of their cars are very similar to ours, just slightly more of everything (lower, wider, etc). Let’s take at what our friend Noel did to his Infiniti G35, shall we?

Photos By: Jon Tran exclusively for

The exterior features a replica Nismo poly front end & Impul poly side skirts. They didn’t bring the car down as much so Noel got himself a set of Stance GR+ coilovers. Having an overly aggressive set of wheels usually means that you’re either going to have to do some body work or tweak your suspension some more. Noel chose to go with a pair of SPL rear camber arms along with Megan rear toe links and Megan UCA. The negative camber on this thing is just right especially from the rear end! Noel killed it!

One of the things that Noel took a slight risk with was those wheels and their finish. The Diamond Graphite color usually doesn’t work too well with “colored” wheels but we honestly think he pulled it off. The good fellas at WheelFlip flipped and polished the barrels of those SSR MS1’s, powder coated the faces Gloss White and painted the hardware Noble Gold. The results are stunning especially in person. As far as wheels go, they are as we mentioned SSR MS1 and are sized at 19×9.5 up front with an offset of -33 & 19×11 in the rear with an offset of -13. Noel wrapped the wheels in 215/35 & 255/35 rubber and got the car to sit exactly where he wanted.

By no means does Noel race the car but he certainly enjoys a few additional horses that he squeezed out of the stock G35 engine. At the moment, under the hood you’ll find a true HKS dual exhaust with titanium tips, an FD swap to 3.54 gear differential with VLSD and custom grounding kit. Other then that, the few other things that he did under the hood include a Polished plenum, Polished throttle body and a Polished Injen CAI. Again, you’re looking at a daily driven street car.

With that said, we’ll end this feature with a huge shout out to the entire Low N Slow crew, especially Noel! Noel managed to create one of our favorite G’s out there and more importantly he did it with minimal amount of mods. Well done sir, well done.

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  1. Steezy

    Awesome write up and even sicker photos! Thanks again to my family, friends, and the infamous LNS crew…

    Follow me and my crew on IG:
    @KNOLAS @Lownslowcrew

  2. os

    Really nice! However what I just don’t get is how anyone can live with that front bumper! Sure taste is different and I embrace diversity in so many ways…but that standard front bumper (look) with those two inlets looks awful – one of the worst designs in history actually in my opinion (just that front bumper..).

    While it still looks really good, I’m a tad sad each time I see one of these as I see it as a missed opportunity – with a slick and decent/modest aftermarket part this car looks so sick!

    • steezy

      i see why some people hate on the less aggressive looking front end like the nismo, but then again i didnt want to get away from the clean OEM lines of the car. If the car was going to be a show car or even track then maybe i wouldve considered other looks.

  3. N99GT

    the stance of this thing is on point!! perfect!

    still take a G37 over this though…!!!!

  4. Jason Tang

    This car is Ill. One problem though, from what I can see in the pictures it looks like the front lip, side skirts, and rear bumper add on were not color matched correctly by the shop who painted them for Noel. Noel should be able to take the parts back to the shop and get a correct color match for free.
    I am a automotive painter so my eye is trained to spot these things.

    Other then that the pictures are beautiful! As well as the G35.

  5. daniel

    looks great love the offset on the wheels love the fact that its daily driven :)

  6. Gdirty5

    steezy, I have a paint issue on my G as well. I know the feeling. How often do you stance guys go through paint jobs? I got rock chips all over my hood now. Ha

  7. Steezy

    I have a clear bar so no more annoying rock chips. The hood and headlights are a different story :/

  8. KEONI


  9. JDM6

    bro is tha a nissan skyline 350 GT cause the body looks alil smaller than the orignal G35?

  10. Steezy

    Check out for more info about the G and aftermarket mods… Good luck!

  11. jorge

    i believe the photo was taken on santa monica blvd near malibu canyon road

  12. Zach

    What side kits is on this im getting either a 2006 or 2007 G35 next week. Need some kits i can put on it

  13. Steven Hernandez

    looks clean.. my g35 is the same color and the door looks dark too hate it

  14. Dimitri Johnson

    The offset on those MS1s is crazy, where’d you find them at?


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