One of the best things that has come with running StanceNation are all the people we meet throughout the world. California to New York, England to Poland and Thailand to Japan, our photographers and fans spread worldwide. In the last few weeks we’ve been working with our friends out of Sweden on showing off some of their rides. Last week we showed you Albin’s incredible Honda S2000, and today we’ll be taking a look at this aggressive Nissan 370Z.

Photos By: Arslan Golic exclusively for

Marcin who is based out of Stockholm, Sweden decided to go the “simple” route with a color change, wheels & suspension, but the finished results were far from “simple”. It’s one of the meanest looking 370Z’s we’ve ever seen, especially the front end. Despite majority of cars that we post here running negative camber, most people still seem to be against it. We’re personally all for it as long as it’s done properly, and it’s clear that Marcin loves it too! Check out the amount of camber he is running in the photo below. Precisely, it is -8 in the rear and -7 up front.

Just minutes after our friend Arslan started shooting the car he ran into some issues with the military men seen in the photo below. Apparently shooting your car in the middle of Stockholm in front of the Swedish Royal castle isn’t prohibited. Huge thanks to Arslan for somehow pulling off so many awesome photos regardless!

Most of the work that was done to this car involved wheels, tires & suspension. In order to get the car sitting the way it does, Marcin had to do a lot more work than a simple drop. For example, up front he added some SPC front camber arms while in the rear he had to add Megan Racing rear camber and traction links as well as SPL rear toe links. After that it was time to mount the insanely aggressive wheels which were imported from right here in the states.

How many of you knew right away what kind of wheels this Z is sitting on? Pretty sure that not too many of you guessed Nessen Forged right? Nessen Forged is an up and coming wheel company based out of Florida and so far it seems like they’re doing well. We ran a feature not too long ago of Mick’s slammed Nissan 350Z (click here) that also sat on Nessed Forged wheels. Back to Marcin’s car though, it sits on massive 20×11 up front and even crazier 20×13 in the rear. That’s actually pretty impressive considering there was no body work done besides a roll & pull.

Up front Marcin is running a 255/30/20 tires and in the rear a pair of wide 305/25/20′s sit right against the fenders. Suspension wise, his choice was D2 coilovers. Pretty impressive for those nasty Swedish roads..

With that said, we’ll leave you with a few more photos like we always do. We have to give a huge shout out to our good friend Arslan from Club JDM Sweden for making this feature happen as well as Marcin himself for wanting to share it with us. Stay tuned for plenty more amazing rides from the beautiful country of Sweden.

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Our Swedish fans have always showed us nothing but love and we truly appreciate that.

22 Responses

  1. Eric

    So is that a wrap???? Looks like flat grey wrap…correct me if it’s actually paint. Amazing looking car btw

  2. TerryJ

    This 370Z is aggressive & clean.Im diggin the camber & I love those rims & how it looks but I do feel that he should’ve chosen smaller ones.I think for a 370Z 19 inch wheels are best.

  3. Kyle

    Car is sick as fuck but 20s just look way too big on it. Loving that camber though <333

  4. Thanawat

    Camber is a little bit too much for me…Nice car and stance btw.

  5. Hampus

    Sweden Delivers once again! Totally wonderful car!
    Big up to the site, I really love StanceNation!

  6. Brian

    I’m not really a fan of this car. But, gotta appreciated quality work.

  7. King

    i think it’s wrong. wheel fitment to the fender/quarter panel is shi**y.. too aggressive and the front/ rear view of the wheels is whack. sorry-

      • Jason

        I’m definitely gonna hate. Car looks waaaaaaack, Camber is way to much, do that sh*t to a lexus, not a 370z. In all honestly, it has a stance of a bow legged midget.

    • Super Him

      Calm down dude… I think it looks great.
      btw, you are trying to say that all cars need to look exactly the same, or have the exact same settings in order to be legit, or look good? That would be so boring.
      If everyone in the history of cars had the same mindset as you, you Americans would all still be driving Model-A Fords, Germans Beetle Volkswagens. And JDM for you would all be stock Toyota AAs… nothing else.

  8. KPunch

    Looks dumb to be honest. The wheels are too big; makes the car look like a monster truck, and the camber is way too chinky.

  9. Rodrigo Vega

    Esta hermoso el 370 Z.
    Tiene un excelente trabajo en las ruedas y la suspension.

  10. Litt

    Coming from a 370z owner I think the car looks sick however front should be cambered a little less it’s still a 370z and a sports car. I have pretty much the same setup so it’s nice to see what it looks like with different wheels of course.


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