If you are viewing this, you are most likely interested in building cars. By “building cars” I do not mean assembling them in a factory for average use, but instead molding them into an extension of your personality or to fit a certain purpose above such mundane utility. The car build is the force that moves you. It fills car shows with attendees, race track grids with competitors, and internet forums with registrants. However, the friendships that are fostered from our participation in this lifestyle often transcend our relationships with the cars themselves. The owner of this immaculate S2000 credits several friends with the success of this build that has taken place over the course of the past year.

Photos By: Nick Kraft exclusively for StanceNation.com

Many of my personal friends are well aware of my affinity for S2000’s. They’re amazing cars and I enjoy seeing the different directions people take them; from a track car to a street cruiser, and everything in between. There was a distinct goal for this particular build, even though a slight case of buyer’s remorse halted the plans for 2 months after he initially purchased the car. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that most of us go through the same phase.

He tells us he wanted to create from this AP2 a functional fastback that stood out in the crowd and it seems that mission was thoroughly accomplished. It was not a task he tackled solo, however. The stunning color change was actually an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment project. After hanging out and discussing the perfect color choice, the owner and his friend Tim Hicks of Baltimore Body Shop performed the paint work within 24 hours – including all of the jambs and trunk. Lamborghini’s Grigio Telesto Grey envelops the Honda roadster’s widened body, accentuating its aggressive lines. Funny thing is he is already planning out the next color, but we’ll keep that to ourselves for now.

Another friend was called upon when it came to the body components. Ken of Shine Auto Project assisted him with a one-off roof, featuring 2×2 carbon weave accents around pillars & spoilers and a hinged rear hatch; accomplishing the functional-fastback criteria set forth in the beginning. Shine Auto Project also supplied the rear over-fenders and 2×2 carbon diffuser. The package flows nicely with the OEM front spoiler and the AIT 25mm front fenders. The custom-tailored pieces in the roof are quite impressive and are definitely a unique detail in the overall build.

Function & Form Type II coilovers fit the wide fenders tightly over a set of Varrstoen 2.2.1 wheels sized 18×9.5” +12 in front and 18×10.5” +15 in the rear, respectively. You just gotta love Honda S2000’s with over-fenders..

Red Bride Zeta IIIs on Buddy Club rails provide the cockpit for low and slow rollin’.

One detail I particularly enjoy about this car are the bumper extensions front and rear that carry the line of the widened fenders along the bumpers, providing a more complete look.

Of course the S2000 is not finished.  Its evolution continues with plans for a full turbo build in the future, along with some aesthetic changes as well.

Photographer Nick Kraft does a great job emphasizing some of the stand-out qualities of the car.  I love how randomly aggressive those stock exhaust tips look due to the Shine Auto Project diffuser.

Sometimes, the adventure and excitement of the build is not found in the car itself.  Instead, it manifests itself in the experience the build takes us through and the relationships we build along the way.  Those concepts foster our growth in the community and contribute heavily to the direction the car takes.

With the first phase of the project completed so well, I have high expectations for the next step.  I’m sure it will turn out awesome, with a little help from his friends. Ty (owner) wants to give big shout out to his good friend Tim Hicks from Baltimore Body Shop and photographer Nick Kraft, so here is to them! With that said, we’ll leave you with some more photos below!

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  1. TerryJ

    The main thing I like about this S2K is that it looks like a full track ready race car.Alot of S2K’s that are stanced look like pretty cars,not to take away from that but this S2K has that and then some.Love to see this after fully completed.Well done.

  2. Travis

    Love the work done to the car looks good..

    But… another honda ? See one.. you basically saw them all Honda guys are all going for the same look

  3. bluewolf02

    Some real nice shots at the end. Clean whip. Gives me motivation for my MK4 build.

  4. Mario

    This was well put, and it’s a complete understanding to why I feel so much passion for high performance vehicles. It’s always inspiring to see other enthusiasts make their dreams come true, and express through their builds. Thanks guys.

  5. Kyle McDougal McLachlan

    This probably has to be the most remarkable S2000, I have seen so far. Well done to the owner for producing such a beautiful specimen of the S2000 clan , and I hope you have many more years with this great piece of machinery, with much thought, McDougal out.

  6. Ap1>Ap2

    Eh… Never really liked that hardtop, hatchtop, Porschetop. It’s an S2k, a Front-mid-engine car… not a confused looked rear mid engine car. These hardtop adds a look that makes the car seem as if its’ engine sit in the rear. Why? Look at porsches, for example: the 997 Carrera S. This car: puke! Please leave it OEM top or Mugen top only.

  7. Carlo

    Just saw this car over the weekend as i visited baltimore. Made my jaw drop to the floor. Absolutely insane. Props.

  8. EDDIE

    Those seats, that carbon, that future turbo kit and Varrstoen′s????? :Vomit:.

  9. ty

    that car is sick and funny part is i prob live like half hour away from it right up in hanover pa…..cars dope and i love it

  10. Rza

    Varrstoens? All those great choices in parts and then skimping on the wheels? I dont get it

  11. gtillz

    To begin with I will say I recently got into the Honda s2000’s. I’ve always noticed them as being a lower grade sport car, but as stated before recently I’ve gotten aggressively more into them. I first noticed their basis for a wide variety of paths you can go with the car for being anything, a track car, a cruiser, or just an everyday ride. This one s2k, however, is by far the most head-turning ride of them all. Most may disagree with me but my opinion stays. Props to whom ever ride this is and a suggestive nudge to continue the unique properties you put into this. I will finish by asking you to please reply with some detail about how you approached the fastback design as I am very interested in making an s2000, not exactly, but have some similar qualities to yours. Thanks in advance, man and keep up the amazing work.

  12. Phong Khang

    For a one-off part the hard top looks identical to Spoon Sports version. Still looks badass though.


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