I’ve been around cars all my life, “seen them all” as they say, so it takes quite a bit nowadays to really be “blown away“. This particular car did just that, from the very first time I saw it on our facebook page right to the time I found myself in it’s presence couple of weeks ago. I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I’m not the best with euro cars even though I’m originally from Europe myself, but I do know that this Audi S4 was one of the baddest euros I’ve ever had the opportunity to be around. It belongs to our friend Ken Stevens out of San Jose, California who also happens to be one of the most down to earth guys I’ve meet in a long while. Let’s check this beast out now, shall we?

Photos By: Elvis Skender exclusively for StanceNation.com

Before we go any further, I think we should get right down to what makes this particular S4 stand out from others. Well, besides that flawless stance that is. While many of the folks in this scene opt for just “looks”, Ken decided to do things the other way around. For the last couple of years he has been building one of the baddest S4’s around, pushing over 600HP at the crank, and over 530HP at the wheels! An aggressive set of Rotiform wheels to be exact.

The 2.8L engine has been completely redone with everything from new IE rods & 2.8 heads and cams to Tial R770 turbos & 034 Motorsports downpipes with external waste gate dumps. This water methanol injected B5 is nothing to play with and at 530WHP it is guaranteed to leave almost everything you see on the streets nowadays in the dust.

Suspension wise, the car is dropped on Stasis Street Sport coilovers though it also features a Neuspeed rear swaybar. Check out the side of the tire in the picture below by the way. Talk about “aggressive fitment”, huh?

Ken spent some time working on the exterior to get it to look as sexy as it does. The front end features a OEM RS4 front bumper with a custom Seat Cupra lip for that extra touch. It’s also rocking e-code headlights and a ridiculously badass vented carbon fiber hood which was as you can see painted to match the car.

Ridiculously dumped, check out the way that rear sits…

As mentioned before, Ken went with a set of Rotiform wheels, IND’s to be exact in a pretty aggressive specs for B5’s. The are 18×10 all around with 225/40/18 Federal tires. I’m really liking the finish on the wheels, great little touch.

Simple, clean, stock looking rear end…

Behind those Rotiform IND’s is a Rotora 355mm big brake kit. 034 rear 300mm with Adams Rotors and Hawk Pads to be exact. Scroll down some more for a couple more up close photos.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take any interior photos due to it being packed with Audi R8 bumpers at the time, but Ken did tell me that he is running things like AWE vent boost gauge, AME AFR gauge, JHM shift knob and some Alpine sound goodies. As always, please scroll down for the entire spec list.

With that said, I would like to give a huge shout out to Ken for giving us the opportunity to shoot his stunning Audi. Also a huge shout out to 034 Motorsports, make sure you guys check out their site by clicking here. Like we always do, we’ll leave you with a few more photos to enjoy.

f you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at snfeatures@gmail.com. Make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or your car. We’re always looking for cars to feature! In the meantime we’ll see you guys over on our facebook.

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    • Toasty

      its AWD, what more do you need on stock fenders? Im sure the RS4 fenders in the front would be easy, but the RS4 rear quarter panels are a messy job just for wide tires, not to mention sourcing from donor car in germany would be quite a pain

      love the car btw

  1. Richard Walker

    Would’ve been good to see some more engine bay shots. That hood looks pretty nice too.


    Once again 034Motorsport shows us how its done! Their mid engined “GTI-RS” was totally awesome too!!!

  3. hanablemoore

    ROTIFORM has come a long way in such a small period of time. Those wheels are very nice in complimenting the car. Horse power is enough to get the fun meter pegged to ( HELL YEAH) so mission us accomplished i would say.

  4. Geoffrey Rubick

    SICK! that engine build list is x rated for sure.
    Dont like the rear fender work at all.

  5. Race and Fun TV

    What a great Car! This is how a S4 must look like!
    My Passat B5 reminds me a bit on this car. I call my project RS3b because 3b is the
    Vw-intern number of the car. put 300hp on the wheels with 1.8t engine.
    not as fast as this audi, but I like the B5 Plattform! It is great to work with!

  6. Sean Infinitee

    Definitely one of the sickest Nogaro’s I’ve seen with the custom hood-as B5 S4/RS4 owner and enthusiast, I also don’t care for the rear fender work though-sitting too low for my tastes, but nonetheless this is one sexy S4 with 530hp at the wheels. Would like to have seen interior, to see if this was fitted with any upgrades to RS4 interior mods, etc., and feel like the rear could use a carbon fiber lip spoiler to round out the carbon fiber on the hood, but that’s just again-my tastes…I’d give anything to have the scratch to completely overhaul my 2000 S4 into a Stage 3+ so bravo, regardless!! Way to keep the B5 alive!~~! REspecTT ;)

  7. nattydread

    such a big Audi s4 fan especially when they have some much power under the hood

  8. ipaiche

    I really love this set of images. And I hope to share them on my blog. The photographer’s name and the source will be signed. Thank you=)

  9. Aigo

    Awesome Nogaro S4 B5!!! Perfect!

    Great shots. I want more. :-D

    What camera and lens did you use for this pics?? The bokeh is phenomenal!

    Greets from Bavaria, Germany.

  10. Todd Chilcot

    I recently purchased an 01 s4. I want this thing to be pushing at least 500 hp any tips would be helpful. I’m not the most mechanical person ever so any tips tricks would be appreciated.


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