Few weeks ago we received a personal invite from Ken, the man behind Nisei, to attend his event which we gladly said yes to. We’ve got a lot of respect for Ken and everyone associated with Nisei as they’ve been doing this longer than many of us have even been in the car scene. Every year there seems to be a talk about Nisei not coming back, yet it always happens. Ken tells us that he did have a few issues getting everything together as things keep getting more and more strict but Nisei is here to stay. Just like every year, the event brought out a ton of incredible cars and vendors, with Honda’s & Acura’s dominating in numbers. With sun overhead all day long, it may not have been the most ideal time to take pictures, though our friend AJ still managed to get us over 50 photos. Big congratulations to Ken for putting on yet another successful event! Let’s get into the photos now..

Photos By: AJ Yarbrough exclusively for StanceNation.com