It’s been a while since I’ve actually gotten excited over a well-executed car. In this industry, you usually see the same people every week at the same car meets, who most likely compete at the same shows. You pass by the same cars until suddenly, you pass that one car. A car that truly lives up to the meaning of being a neckbreaker. A car that you’ve never seen anywhere else, not at any local shows or meets. Just the occasional Instagram post captioned “who owns this car?”. A car with such strong presence that you can’t help but just stare at it as it passes you by in what seems like slow-motion. I call those unicorn cars. This one in particular is owned by Manny Ibarra of Calexico, California.

Photos By: Boogie Santos exclusively for

The one thing that probably grabs your attention first is the super-aggressive fitment. Manny is a purist and doesn’t believe in crazy body kits, so he opted to focus on the fitment, so we’ll begin with that. His current wheels are a set of custom steplip Work Equips, rocking 19×11.5″ up front and 19×12 in the rear, -23 and -25 offsets. The front wheels require a 5mm spacer in order to clear the OEM brakes. To help achieve his current stance, Manny installed a set of Stance GR Coilovers and modified Circuit Sports Arms all around to achieve the near-demon camber. A slight fender roll and pull allows the 235/35f and 245/35f series tires to fit snugly beneath the already fat 350Z fenders.

As I mentioned earlier, Manny is not a huge fan of bodykits. He decided to keep the car’s exterior clean and simple. He is, however, a fan of the Ings front spoiler that now sits up on the front fascia nicely. That’s pretty much it: clean and simple.

The interior is just as simple. The seats were reupholstered by Katzkin. The steering wheel was provided by Grip Royal along with an NRG Hub and Quickrelease. Under the hood, a Fujita5 Intake provides air to the engine and an S-Tuned Nismo Exhaust releases it. This combo creates a sound that most 350z owners dream of.

This car used to rock a ton of other wheel setups previously, including but not limited to a set of Gram Lights 57 Pro, Volk CE28, Volk TE37, Work Meisters, Work VS-XX, Garson Deep Racing Wheels and VIP Modular VX310s. Believe me when I say how much of a neckbreaker this car truly is. After shooting the car, we headed out to a local meet and nearly every car we passed had to double-take our caravan. We couldn’t even park our cars without having to ask people to move out of the way. It was definitely the center of attention that night. Future plans are to just keep riding low, keep breaking necks and possibly move onto a bigger VIP platform. Manny would like to give shoutouts to Milt and Chris from Low-n-Slow, Buler and Biggie for the help, Boogie for the last-minute shoot and to his son Angel, the only one allowed to ride in the Z.

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  1. hotrod2

    Really? I couldn’t even get this out of my driveway… sometimes things are just too extreme. I see dangerous rear tire mount, extreme tire wear, oil pan damage, fender damage – is it really worth it? what’s next, wheels poking thru the tops of the fenders to get extreme low…?

  2. Samhain6

    Wrong offsets are wrong. Either article goofed on specs, or owner is trollolololol

  3. Jarrod

    Alright, before I get flamed, I am ALL for the fitment scene and good looking cars with flush setups, but 245s on a 12″ wheel is a little ridiculous. Lets be honest, it’s just a blowout waiting to happen, and then that’s endangering other peeps on the road. I’m all for looking cool and stretching sidewalls, but when it’s this extreme I just think it’s a little ignorant. Regardless, it looks great parked. :D

  4. Andrew walker

    19’s realy dude!!!! They are to big ;18’s would be awesome!!!!! Oh well……….. Still looks sweet!!!!!!!

  5. Tony

    I am by no means a purist against stance but this car does not look good. Looks like its riding on pizza pans on the rear, smh.

  6. Martin

    It looks like I’m the only one who thinks this Z is awesome! Props to the owner for sure and the photographer for the sick photos, be happy and admire others work and learn to enjoy and respect what may not be to your taste :)

  7. Dennis Mistander

    Looks awesome! Would be impossible to have where I live but it looks great!


    Woow what a sick 350Z!! I wonder how 19×12 and 19×14 iForged wheels would look on that thing…

  9. TerryJ

    Nicely done.The only thing I would do is probably add a big brake kit setup but then again I would hope the spacers would clear them,but I love the neck breaking aggressiveness of this Z lol.

  10. rotorbrain

    all the people hatin stop it its not a good look u think this guy cares about what u think not so if its nothin positive u have to say dont say it at all its all about stance on stance nation

  11. miguel

    I remember that car going up the drive way to the photo shoot spot was lookin clean as hell…ppl sloin down to lookswhen we where on the freeway hahahaha

  12. Javier Ramirez

    what a way to represent for the z’s man :) I’m also from Calexico, CA. Wish you the best of luck and keep that car as clean as it is right now :).

    p.s. The heat is killing us :(

  13. Beanbag

    Fuck getting it in & out of ya driveway. As if u need to, I’d be happy with it in my living room haha. But then again breaking necks & just cruising would be fun

  14. anthony waln

    So many haters, why be on stancenation if your gonna hate on the cars on here, go on an oldmobile website or somethin damn. Y’all just mad your car ain’t on here, you don’t got money for this shit, or you got nothin better to do. This dude doin shit right and I got mad love for this whip!

  15. Brad

    All I gotta say is good choice on the nismo exhaust thats whats on my z and it sounds soooooo sexy but 19’s sittin like that is just gaudy my nismo rims dropped 2 inches sits perfectly

  16. kennyjevon

    Looks fresh to me. He made the feature so where’d he go wrong? Real talk if you didn’t like a page in a magazine you keep flippin right? I’m just sayin

    • andretti

      I know the photographer and the owner of the vehicle. it’s simply a question. come on. calm down.

      • Boogie

        i took one but it got scrapped. just the nature of the biz. some shots make it, some shots don’t. =(

  17. Taylor

    Fitment in the front looks great, the rear is awful… For the person telling people to go to an oldmobile site and get off stancenation, you’re stilly. Stance can mean anything to flush with a drop to… well this. Although I think this car looks retarded, having haters and lovers is a great thing. It means everyone has different tastes and opinions. If we all had the same tastes and opinions, all our cars would look the same and it would get boring and old fast so props to taking your cars fitment to the next level of extreme… I am sure I’d slow down on the freeway or break my neck trying to looking at it, but not because I think it looks badass or “ill”.

  18. Biggie

    Mad props homie….happy you made it on SN, Damn I miss my Z, hope I get a shoot on my Y33 hahha ;) finally somebody representing for Calexico good job..ohhh and Manny don’t forget “HATERS WILL HATE”

  19. KidDiego

    I really dont think someone “hating” has anything to do with being able to afford a look. Just because you can drive with your fucking feet doesnt make it a good idea. The rear, to extreme for my tastes. The accessories on the cars from F&F WERE cool for some once upon a time to. lol.

  20. JFletch

    This is deffinetly rediculous. I am sorta into the whole hellaflush scene and some of these cars do look amazing. If I wanted that look I would run air ride so I can get a decent camber at ride hight. These extreme cambered cars just look like an accident waiting to happen. I can’t see anything good with spending that much on tires and only running 35-40% of the tread on the ground. When I bought my G35 it had some stretched tires and I always thought they were flat cuz the rim looked like it was on the ground. I can’t even imagine cornering hard in that bitch. I’m more of a functional builder and my AWD keeps all four on the ground solid. I think you can get an aggressive stance and fittment without doing this. I couldn’t believe when I was reading a flush forum and those buys are buying camber kits to get their camber further out of Wack. It reminds me of Kris’s Kross wearing their pants backwards.


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