They say that seeing is believing, but just simply viewing the photos before you, I am sorry to say, is not enough to believe the experience that I had at Wekfest. This may be a shameless plug for Wekfest, but if you are able to make one in your area, you will not be disappointed. We have all been to car shows and car meets before and gawked at the magnificent creations that roll in. We are starry-eyed at the “e-famous” cars that we know and love. We also make fun of the “wannabes” and we scratch our heads at the “who the fu*k let you in here” cars. Wekfest though, was all the former and none of the latter. Over the next few days I will try to convey to you what I mean when I say that every car was amazing in it’s own way. Enjoy the photos because I think I took one of every car there just for you.

Photos By: Sid Fligel exclusively for

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  1. Andrew

    nice stuff but someone needs to clean their gear.. nice smudge right in the middle of EVERY shot

  2. Daniel

    Ohh WOW!!!
    These Peeps have taste OMFG!!! So much nice Cars………
    Step by Step also the Evo X gives me a boner, some Body styles just looking too sexy on it.
    BTW normaly i dont give a fuck about VW`s and stuff (because i`m from Germany) but the Blue R32 looks sick.

    Thank you so much for all these unreal photos!


  3. Andre

    Holy Hyundia next to the civic in the last pic, know that’s unique! I smell a find and feature

  4. Tyler

    It’s funny, I didn’t even really notice that smudge until I saw the comments about it. I guess I was in awe of the cars haha.

  5. luke truehart

    The green 350z with the veilside widebody and the grey s2000 next to it are unreal. Love em. The cars here are super clean and like em all except for the chocolate mr2 with stretched tires. Love mr2’s fav cars ever but its a look that just doesnt suit em’. Race em out and slam em with crazy wide body kits and those snorkel air scoops. Just my opinion but to each his own.


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