This one will surely cause all kinds of reactions. Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to introduce you to my friend Jamin Slaughter out of Staten Island, New York. As most of you know, east coast is home to some of the finest cars in the country, specifically VIP style & inspired cars. I suppose what I am really trying to say is that nowadays (in most cases) in order to get noticed in that part of the country you really gotta do something that just wasn’t done before. That’s exactly the case with Jamin and his slammed, wide Honda Accord Coupe. Not only does no one really mess with these cars in our scene but I personally have never seen one sitting the way Jamin’s does.

Photos By: Sid Fligel exclusively for

Now I know that in this scene “camber” is about as touchy of a subject as say “guns or religion” in politics, and that for every person who is for it there are even more who are against it. I personally love it, but it’s not about me or you, it’s about Jamin. And he happens to love it. You see, the truth is Jamin never wanted this particular car, he was after a LS430 but due to some financial issues things led Jamin to this Accord coupe. Jamin found love for the VIP car scene & lifestyle when he bumped into the “Liberty VIP” car club. Unfortunately at that time he was turned down from becoming a member because his car was not a traditional VIP platform car but that did lead to other great things. Ever since then Jamin has been trying to put every aspect of the VIP Style into his Accord because he truly is a huge fan of that side of scene. It’s a love/hate thing, especially when it comes to camber.

Let’s start with a closer look at the fitment and those massive rear fenders. Jamin had his front fenders and rear quarter panels widened in order to tuck those massive wheels. Nowadays they sit about 4 inches wider then stock and tuck a set of beautiful VIP Modular VR15 wheels. I am pretty confident that Jamin has plans on going even more aggressive in the future to fill the current space between his wheels and fenders. His currents specs are 19×9 up front with an offset of -3 & 19×10 in the rear with just as aggressive offset of -4. Wheels are wrapped in 215/35/19 & 225/35/19 set of tires. Care to know how Jamin was able to get the car to sit so low?

When it came time for suspension, Jamin went with the K-Sport Air Suspension. We don’t feature too many cars with this setup but I hear some good things about it. It was an easy decision when it came to air management. Our good friends over at Accuair took care of things with their E-Level kit. While we are talking about wheels & suspension, I suppose it’s a good time to mention the brake work on this Accord. Up front as you can see in the photos below is a pair of Acura RL front calipers accompanied by some custom 350Z cross drilled and slotted rotors.

Funny thing about this car is that the exterior and engine is pretty stock at the moment. Up front Jamin is rocking a HPF front lip to bring the car down some more and that’s it. When I asked Jamin about his future plans, I was pretty excited when I saw the response. He has plans of integrating a Hyundai Genisis rear bumper over the winter and either a Mercedes CLS550 or Lexus IS-F front bumper! I dunno about you but that sounds pretty promising to me!

Yes, that is indeed his exhaust sitting just millimeters off the ground. Not a bad progress for having owned the car for just 2 years. Within those two years he has also gotten to be a part of a crew/club by the name of Empire Luxury.

With that said, I would like to personally thank our awesome photographer Sid Fligel as well as Jamin of course for being patient with us with the release of the feature. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of this car in the next year, you better be ready!

As always, if you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at Make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or your car. We’re always looking for cars to feature! In the meantime we’ll see you guys over on our facebook.

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  1. Nathan Soeum

    oh man, i love the lip….i cant find it…it cant be a hfp lip. i thought it was a typo to be a HPF lip. got a link of the lip?

    • Dan the man

      It’s an hfp lip. it’s only for the 06-07 accord coupes. the 03-05’s aren’t as big. and you can find them from the dealership but it’s starting to get discontinued.

  2. Jin

    Don’t need to add anything to the bumpers – looks awesome just as it sits now!
    Nice choice in wheels, too.

    • Mychal

      Whats the point of bags? to make a car LOOK static without having to drive that low. Is he suppose to take pictures with his car raised? lol

      • 1llest

        Lol bro, lets not start. I could afford your life. I’m just saying, there’s no point in taking pics of the mufflers so close to the ground if it’s not like that when it’s driving.

        If you want your car to LOOK static than BE static lol. Bags are for pussies. STATIC ALL DAY EVERYDAY DAILY DRIVEN.

      • 1llest

        And bro lets face it. Bags are money savers. Maybe you’re just mad because you can’t keep up with the maintenance for actually having a slammed car. What car do you drive bro?

  3. daily7thgen

    dear god i cant stand this….. air is bullshit anyone can take dumped pics on air, stance it and poke and pull it on air then take pic raised on real driving specs. im sitting 3 inches ground clearance static on my 7thgen daily i have more fucking rep than any of these pics no speed no form no function at all tucked to death is not function or forum its ugly and when i post my pics you will realize that

    • BAGSr4FAGS

      The car looks amazing! I come from a different scene so maybe that explains my beliefs but I don’t understand the hate on bags. It’s technology and the benefits are so much greater than static drops. Who cares if you’re 3 inches of the ground. While your stuck on a speed bump, this dude goes over it. While your pissed because your car got f@$k’d by the driveway, he cruises up with no issues. While your spending one saturday every other month putting your car back to stock because of a ticket/punk ass cop, he’s hanging out with his homies. All in all it’s much more practical and I’ll bet this dude preserves his car (and the money put into it) because it’s not getting destroyed by the streets. Best of all he can drive 1 inch off the ground when he wants. Be real extreme statics are cool but not practical. Just sayin…

      Speed and bad ride quality are poor excuses btw. That’s sh#tty craftsmanship.

      • Toepfer

        you come from trucks?

        Its a different scene and you can’t really compare the two. Just because cars ride static doesn’t mean the ride quality is bad. Its not like a truck. I came from a truck background before I got my imports. I understand the way you think. Or at least the way the thinking in your comment comes across. Its not the same as trucks.

    • Chris

      I’ve had a few slammed cars, just as low as yours. I beginning to realize I’m tired of banging the fuck out of my fenders, ripping my fender liner, just to get that few inches lower. I’d have to say that owning something static is just foolish. I mean complain that you have more rep then this guy but yet he’s the one that got featured… Why is that? Because while your parts are nice but are broken at tabs, lip is black from replacement, we see a much more class in this accord, rather that some broke up POS that’s slammed out. (DONT MEAN TO AFFEND ANYONE) p.s I hope your not on fake wheels:/


    Camber is not for everybody but the fact that you sir dare to be different and not try to look like everyone else and not affected by the negative comments individuals may say, your vehicle is unique in its own right . The work you’ve done thus far looks good ! Looking forward to your future additions .

  5. boostedFX16

    would love to see more engine, interior, air suspension setup pics, not just the outside

  6. thatbanger

    You guys featuring anything now huh? lol anyways the car looks like crap and the stance scene is going over board…just like the japanese. What ever happened to featuring CLEAN stanced cars instead of cars that will eventually be trash in about 2 more years.

  7. Aaron

    Definitely don’t think he should go for an ISF front or whatever, I like the bumper + lip as she sits.

  8. jmk

    Clean car but that rear fitment would benefit a lot of radius’d body work. That rear shot looks pretty silly (not the camber but how sunk the wheels are).

  9. Tioga

    Why is it the honda guys can never do stance right. Only a few get it right. That rear looks like crap. You got super camber in the rear and small camber upfront > ghetto look

  10. Biggs

    7th gen… take it easy dude, …. Jamin’s car is a nice looking v…Clean and Low, dudes take the issue of bagging a ride way to serious…. This car is nice for 2 years… a few years more this will be the car that alot of ppl will be sweating…. good work… PS I have seen this car in person…Pics dont do it justice…Trust me

  11. Nam

    Damn!! Car is clean, but why so many shit talks, why cant people look at it differently n respect the effort that the owner put into this car.everyone has their own way of doing thing.

  12. Paulo J.

    I’m confused Is his car actually like that when he drives? I thought it was only like that when he is aired out, Oh well I appreciate his hard work he put into getting his car the way he wants. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. Eduar

    its like instagram now with this arguing. lol. clean car! a lot of work put the right way, glad its different tired of seeing the same stuff all the time.
    bags static hydros whatever if it looks good it looks good.

  14. Jamin owner of car

    lmao its just a car guys, some of you seem angry lol get a grip you dont have to drive it !! i appreciate all of the love and comments positive and negative!!

  15. Dom J

    I love this build….anyone arguing that static over bags obviously hasn´t ripped enough bumpers, torn enough exhaust apart etc etc….don´t worry…in due time. I agree with getting more radius work though. Let those beauties shine!!

  16. Kriz Beatz

    There is a lot of hate on here. Here is the facts: 1 it’s NOT your car, 2 it’s NOT your money, 3 it’s NOT about what you like, and 4 do you stop telling other people what you think he/she should do with it. Bottom line his car his money he do it his way. So what they being said, dude keep doing what you do.

  17. 33flavors

    Jamin congrats on the feature – car looks good and it seems like a lot of the things that are being heavily criticized are the things that we already discussed – the futures does look promising

    you will see those fools at car shows jacking up there car trying to adjust there coils looking for someone to help them wishing they were on bags! – while we air up and roll

  18. Angelo

    I’ve seen this car on several occasions at Target during the Tuesday car meets…it looks even better in person but the only thing I would have done differently is gotten the 4 cylinder 5 speed

  19. cliofidji

    That looks sick!. and about air is for pussy’s shit, its down to preference he has done the car the way he wants it to be and not how you want it to be now just appreciate the workmanship that has gone into this car, Does it matter what setup he’s running anyway?

  20. J'Von

    I own an 07 Accord sedan. It wasn’t the car I wanted (my parents gave it to me and I’m grateful) but I have fallen in love with it. Hopefully my car will be done by next summer. Great work Jamin, though the tuck isn’t my style.


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