Driving slammed cars is fun.  I can’t quite pinpoint what quality it is that is so intoxicating about street driving your car as it floats just above the asphalt, at times it seems borderline masochistic.  Every time you pass a building with large windows across the front you have to catch a glimpse of your car sweeping along, and it’s amusing to see the reactions of passers-by’s.  It’s like they think your wheels are going to explode from the sides of your car, ripping your fenders off and consequently killing everyone in a shower of how-do-you-drive-that?-automotive-shrapnel.

Photos By: Sid Fligel exclusively for StanceNation.com

I’m sure this ’06 STi gets plenty of fearful attention from onlookers, even on the tough streets of the Bronx, New York.  The “hawkeye” body style is my favorite of the 3 versions, though admittedly I was weary of it when it was first introduced.  I quickly became enamored with the slimmed-down headlights and the central grill, it gave the car an elegant aggression and a whole new look over the previous front-ends.  I think it balances well with the roof-mounted vortex generator and the famous STi wing from the factory, and it is great for aesthetically-minded enthusiasts, since it barely needs any additions to really pop.

18×10″ +10 (front) and 18×10″ +0 (rear) XXR 521s in a gold hue provide the girth and rolling stock, with popular 225/40/18 Federals.  If you have an experience with the later model STis, you’ll understand the rivets added on the rear fender extensions.  It looks like a pretty aggressive pull was necessitated by the 0 offset wheels and those extensions don’t like to stay where they were intended to when you change the contour of the fender.  I also love the HT Auto sideskirts, they flow well with the Bayson-R front lip and do a good job of visually lowering the car.

I’m not always a huge supporter of gold wheels, but gold/black is a classic Subaru combination that is easy to like.

Many Subaru enthusiasts are drawn to the manufacturer by the signature boxer-4 burble.  This particular STi draws a bit of inspiration from the boso-scene, utilizing a custom straight-pipe exhaust with A-Spec blast pipes protruding from the rear — I’m sure the local authorities love the thunderous flat-four cacophony from the custom setup.  It’s not a look for everyone but Vic (the owner) tells us it definitely fit what he was going for. I’ve always been a fan of the “anti-establishment” aura that surrounds loud cars — so thumbs up from me for raising some hell in the New York streets.

Slammed, loud street cars.  Cool.   Maybe one day I’ll determine the exact parts that are so addictive.  Is it the rush of riding close to the road?  The challenge of avoiding obstacles?  Or just the simple fact of knowing that what you’re driving looks awesome?  I’m going to give myself a headache.  In the meantime, our buddy Vic will be cruising through the Bronx with audio system pumping, blast pipes roaring, and undercarriage scraping in this slammed black STi.

As always, we’ll leave you with a few more photos. This particular set was shot by our photographer Sid Fligel so big shout out to him! Also, big ups to Vic for building such a sexy Subi.

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    • N99GT

      when i was reading about the straight pipes thats exactly what i was thinking!!! i wanna hear how load this thing is!

  1. Alex

    Idk if it’s just the picture, but the rear camber looks uneven. Picture 9
    Other than that very clean.

  2. LincolnR82

    I don’t know about anyone else but I love being close to the ground when driving. It’s just more comfortable :D I think that’s why I love go-karts so much.

  3. thatbanger

    he was able to afford an sti but yet cant afford REAL wheels…. clean stance but stop it 5.

    • Elvis

      Does that make any sense? How could someone afford to pay $30K and not $4K? Maybe it’s about preference? *sighs*

      • Danny

        It’s because he’s intelligent. If this is a daily, which it most likely is, you would be an idiot to run that expensive of a wheel in NYC. Plus who’s to say he bought this new? I got mine in clean condition for 17k. Not everyone has the money to throw away on wheels when other things are more important.

  4. thatbanger

    its not about preference, its about faking the funk, for that he should’ve got an wrx and stanced it out with cheap and fake wheels….the sti is a car built under quality…so sad that everyone thinks its okay to go hard with fake wheels…its like rocking fake sneakers, bags etc. but hey its the kids preference anyways. go on with your fake wheels boiiii

    • Anthony

      you should know that wrx’s and sti’s are not that big of a difference… an sti just has more power and new interior and a bigger turbo. its still the same car.

      • Ben

        you’re clearly an idiot if you think there isn’t other differences.. Jesus, learn your facts before posting incorrect information

    • tony t

      Your a fag faking the funk sound like a moron tthere’s no rules in the stance game

  5. Budman

    Sick setup, very well done, looks nice. How do you get around that “not louder than stock” exhaust law, haha? Probably since the car is so damn beautiful. State Troopers effed with me and my RS all the time, and I can only imagine the sound that THIS thing puts out.

  6. rotorbrain

    haters gonna hate bro but who cares about what wheel brand it is its all about the stance

  7. Mk4Lovin

    Cause not everybody can just go dump in 2k per wheel, and its not like those xxr’s are super cheap anyways? So I don’t get why it even matters anyways its not your car. I would put those on my car anyday!

  8. s.fl_tsx

    I’m agreeing with Alex, I think that the camber is uneven when looking at the rear end shot. Unless the road isn’t level because it looks like the car is leaning down to the right. And yup this feature needed a video clip of that exhaust.

  9. Brandon B

    The first paragraph of this feature is the most accurate (epic) description of why i love bein slammed and stanced out :) sick sti too!

  10. CAMBRD

    The stance on this STI is perfect imo, can`t imagine the exhaust sound, must be sick. Also driving that low on NYC streets, very brave!

  11. James

    You guys sound like bitchy teenage girls with Coach purses about the fake wheels. He probably doesn’t track the car given the stance, so he probably figured he would save a couple thousand and just get replicas. It does the same function for him either way.

  12. Jason D. of Sticky Garage

    Check out our facebook, you can see our master fabricator from HRE Fab. doing the 3 different interchangeable mufflers. The Blast Pipe, an angled 3.5 Single and some twin tip muffler. Also check out the job we did on his flares and his buddys Z33 that i can see getting a feature next summer.

  13. Jason D. of Sticky Garage

    Keep your eye balls peeled for Vic’s next project!!!! Vic’s GOING TO BLOW YOUrrr…mind!!!

  14. Shane Kapp

    Thank you!!!! Ive been trying to see if 521 would fit my 07 sti finally i know now! If anyone can answer what offset he is running i see +25mm or +35mm i really want to get these and powdercoat the center lemon lime and keep the machined lip but flush instead of cambered so maybe 18×8.5 with a spacer….any ideas?


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