Every major auto manufacturer has a model that stands out from the rest. Its the shinning example of that builders capabilities and usually has characteristics that resemble other models. If you consider the design of the S2000, its compact, conservative (for a sports car), reliable, and with its 4 cylinder Vtec engine, it has all of the great attributes that Honda delivers with pride. Incorporate those attributes into well balanced sport tuning and a rear wheel drive configuration, and the S2000 isnt just a new model, its a historic landmark. James Won and his S2k are here to help prove that Honda can build more than just gas sipping grocery getters.

Photos By: Raymond Tran exclusively for StanceNation.com

Now one thing i want to get out of the way right now, this car was built to be driven. Lets start with the body. Although the S2000 has a pretty mild exterior from the factory, it doesn’t take much for it to turn heads. James was focused on a more functional build with his S2k and his choice in body modifications reflect that. Although a rear shot of this car may give you the impression that it can fly, the massive Voltex type 1 wing is actually meant to help squeeze the back wheels to the ground. Although giant rear wings have had mixed reviews in the past, this massive wing matches the rest of the car perfectly. A set of ASM rear fenders allow for a wider wheel stance to compensate for that giant wing and a Voltex rear diffuser completes the view from the back perfectly.

Although the functional Spoon front bumper gives this S2000 a very aggressive look, it seems to fit and flow well with the rest of the body. This bumper is one of James favorite pieces. He originally bought the front end with a bit damage and had it repaired before paint and installation. The fog Lights you see in the bumper are HIDs and are controlled with wireless remotes. The side skirts are a pretty unique addition to this s2000 considering they are from an extreme dimensions RX7 kit. A set of JDM clear side markers have been installed into the stock front fenders. The fenders have been flared so James could squeeze a wide set of wheels into them.

I personally love a more functional style. I think that most could agree , Volk has always done a great job of making performance look damn good. A set of Volk TE37’s help James fit in with the popular crowd, and yet, he still stands out having chose the rare SL model. These beautiful wheels measure 18″ in diameter and a thick 10″ wide. They squeeze the widened fenders with a perfect +30 offset and are held on with Muteki burning blue neon lugs.

A set of BC Racing type BR coilovers are used to lower the center of gravity and also bring the beautiful blue body closer to those sexy circles. When you lower an S2000, it changes the angle of the driveshaft. To correct this problem and stop premature wear, a set of T1R driveshaft spacers were installed. To help stiffen the front suspension James added a Spoon front upper strut bar. Making sure that James can get the most out of his accelerator pedal, a Spoon engine torque damper helps reduce engine movement that would cause power loss during power transfer.

Hondas always look so stunning in blue. To any body with aftermarket knowledge, its easy to see with just a a quick walk around, that this Honda can cut corners… and was built with no corners cut.

Knowing that this car was going to see some track time, James installed Bride Vios III bucket seats bolted down with Buddy Club rails. Considering how important a steering wheel is to the comfort of a car, you should chose a wheel with the look and feel that will suit your needs. James was excited to find a Vertex 7-star limited edition steering wheel. He had it fastened to a Works bell short hub with a set of burnt titanium Baller Bolts and a NSX-R horn button sits in the middle. To help improve the look and feel of James gear changes is a J’s Racing titanium shift knob with a red stitched shift boot.

Keeping James up to date with engine details is a set of Defi gauges showing Oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature and a Defi control unit keeps the gauges on and accurate. I feel that a car is incomplete with out a good audio system, James plays his tunes with a Alpine CDE-123 Deck that flows through Polk component speakers and also a Rockford Fosgate amp/sub combo installed into a custom sub woofer enclosure.

Honda is well known for high revving 4 cylinders. A Fujita cold air intake allows this F series motor take deep cool intake charge. A PLM header is attached to a T1R 70mm test pipe and HKS Hi-Power single 75mm exhaust, allowing a less restrictive breath out. Making sure the spark plugs and injectors are making the most of each breath a Hondata Flashpro with a custom tune was installed. A J’s Racing oil catch can helps keep pressure down in the crankcase and catches any oil that might flow into unwanted places.

While banging through gears on the track, James uses a Exedy clutch and AP1 clutch master slave cylinder to make sure he gets the clutch response and clamping power he needs. An F1 racing light weight 10.75lb flywheel improves gas pedal response so that James can keep those RPMs high when needed most. Although going fast is always important in racing, so is slowing down. Spoon front brake calipers and Hawk blue brake calipers squeeze the brake rotors, bringing this drop top dream machine to a reasonable speed for each corner.

The Honda S2000 doesn’t just stand out from the rest of what Honda offers, it has become one of the rare models that gains attention in any crowd. It can be made into a sexy subtle daily sport coupe or like James has proven here, it can also be made into an equally sexy performance machine. James has plans to continue modding and is always in search of more rare and unique parts to add to this beautiful blue S2k, ” finding rare pieces takes time, money, and patience”… were excited to see what he finds next.