No one rolls lower or wider than Bee Dragon. Featuring in this short video is their Toyota Crown Athlete, and suspension wise some of the key car modifications include K-Break Kai full adjustable coilover suspension, Bee Dragon adjustable arms. When it comes to fitment, Intensive Hanku wheels sized in 18×10.5 in the front with an offset of -12 and 18×12 with an offset of -20 in the rear. They are wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R’s in 225/45/18 upfront and 275/35/18 rear. Exterior wise, the car features Bee Dragon custom fenders with full metal pumped and widened guards, Bee Dragon custom trunk spoiler and last but not least the K-Break Platinum aero body kit. Huge thanks to our friends at for the video and make sure you follow the on their Facebook page by clicking here.

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  1. projektzwo

    “No one rolls lower or wider than Bee Dragon.” – now that’s a BULLSHIT and please stop making such a stupid statements without being 100% sure.

    • Nat

      stop ranting on such petty things and try enjoying the video, smh..
      sick video, car has wicked fitment, and luke huxham iss the man haha

    • Luke Huxham

      Projektzwo, these cars roll harder than anything you will ever see around your neighborhood. Appreciate it, hating is so 2005.

  2. Jarrod

    To be honest when I first saw this, I wasn’t psyched on the poke OR camber. But I digress, this thing is SO sick. Very well-done with everything. I love it. Great feature, Elvis.

  3. Estefan

    Love the bodywork and style of the car but the excessiveness of the wheels is what’s digging the grave of the stance movement.

  4. Raiko

    So far this is my favorite VIP. Never been into the VIP scene, but there is no denying this car goes hard.

  5. wteebo

    funny how certain styles come back around… remember raised white letters on tires in the ’70s? Maybe nothing is really a “new” idea just a revised version of something old.

    • Grayscale

      thats exactly true look up “everythings a remix” on vimeo its a great short doc.


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