An 8 year old Skyler Slade sits in front of the television. Amidst the colorful shows of the 1990’s he is enamored with nothing other than a car commercial. No, it wasn’t a dealership advertisement screaming at him about credit approval; this commercial was much more emotionally charged. It was one displaying the Nissan 300ZX, the latest iteration in the long lineage of the famed Z-car. The young Skyler was in love with it and he told himself he would one day have a 300ZX of his own.

Photos By: Rob Ghaderi exclusively for

Fast-forward many years later, present day Skyler is on his 2nd Z32. His dreams originally came into fruition in the form of a white naturally-aspirated car, but he says he had always lusted after a blue one – which led him to this twin-turbo model. The Z’s modified life began as many typically do, subdued aesthetically with a concentration on performance improvements beneath the factory looks.

Before I had the pleasure of actually experiencing a Z32, my impressions were sullied by stereotypical hearsay. People spoke down of them citing their weight or comparing their power capabilities to the MKIV Supra, giving the car a bad rep. Since then I’ve driven stock to mildly modified, N/A to upgraded twin turbo versions and can honestly report that they are wonderful cars. The wide, low-slung bodylines are aggressive without necessitating extensive modifications, and they look especially good with “appropriately sized” wheels.

Of course, “appropriately sized” becomes a relative word in these modern times, especially on Z32’s. They are capable of fitting remarkably wide wheels. Utilizing D2 RS coilovers, Slade brought the Z down over a gorgeous set of period-correct Veilside Andrew Racing Vs, sized 18×10” +12 in the front and 18×11.5” +15 in the rear. Avid wheel enthusiasts may notice that these Veilsides look a little difference than normal. Aside from the prismatic gold finish on the faces, Skyler has also deleted the large bolt usually found in the center cap. He chose to invert the caps for a sleeker look. Sleek is certainly the name of the game for this particular build, with ’99-spec Japanese bodywork and taillights to seal the deal.

The Z has certainly earned its ‘ZLEEPER’ license tag. The VG30DETT requires very little changes in order to lay down impressive numbers, and with fortified internals they are ready for almost anything. We haven’t been provided with any dyno numbers, however typically VGs equipped with turbos like the Sport 500’s Slade has employed are capable of easily producing over 450-500rwhp. With power like that pushing him back into the Corbeau seats I’m sure Skyler is thankful his car has the ZNS Creations big brake kit to bring the Z to a safe stop when necessary.

The world is full of special cars. They don’t have to be the rarest of vehicles to stir your soul. For many, life has a way of preventing them from obtaining the dream cars of their childhood. Luckily, Skyler is not one of those individuals. He fell in love with his Fairlady long ago and has since executed a fine example of the Japanese sports car. I wonder what that 8 year old would say if he was shown these pictures of the Z he would one day call his own.

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  1. 1llest

    Perfect Z32. STATIC ALL DAY!

    This deserves to be on here because it is true form… No bags..

  2. rp

    nice looking z32. I’d personally lose the spoiler, but the color is great and the front emblem is a nice touch to match the veilside andrews.

    exterior parts list is a tad off – vis racing replica front fascia not a 99 jdm – corner lights give it away.

      • urgamurgabu

        Since when did it become wrong to compare similar cars (especially those on the rarer side)?

      • Elvis

        Comparing is fine, but the way you worded your sentence, to me it came off as a competition. Vincent’s car is sick no doubt!

      • Skyler Slade

        Vincent’s car is very sick! i always loved his build. But, these cars were built with two different intentions. Vincent’s is all about detail and “Show car” quality! I built mine to be able to DD and track when needed. N/A Bays are much easier to clean up and shave. The TT’s have a much more cramped bay, and the 96 has alot of sensors and parts that cant be deleted/shaved/removed as easily.
        Mad props to Vincent! he knows he has all my respect!

      • Luka024

        Bcuz intanets.

        Very nice Z. These and the first gen GS300’s will be a couple of the few timeless body styles from the early 90’s.


    Looks amazing. I loved the write up! Someone is getting their skills up! LOL

    That being said, I liked it with the Vouis V MB Battles. It was sitting so hard on those!

  4. TerryJ

    As a proud owner of a Z32 myself,I love this feature not because we share the same model but because it’s a dream fulfilled.Im still building my Z32 but I’m glad I have one of many inspirations to take with me while still being diverse at the same time.

  5. Alex

    Love the color combo, but not feeling it on this car. Doesn’t look like he took his time to find the best parts for it.
    But as long as he likes it, that’s all that matters.

  6. bluewolf95

    It’s pretty retarded how critical people are of Z32s, even when they’re done clean as hell like this one. Most Z32s are riced out like hell or barely touched. Give the guy some credit, people who don’t really know cars take one look at this and would never expect it to be 22 years old. People still confuse these for Lambos. This car is perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

  7. Skyler Slade

    Thanks for the comments guys!
    Alex, Kinda bummed you feel that way about the parts used. One thing that wasnt mentioned in the Feature is the car is actually a 1996, the last year they were made in the states. Its also the one year they switched to OBDII. That makes the 96 the odd man out, and parts were not made for that year as readily as for the 90-95s. My part options are extremely limited…

    • Alex

      Haha, I feel you. I know what it’s like not being able to find anything for your car, believe me! Like I said earlier though; the only person you need to satisfy is yourself!

  8. Michael Sinclair

    Skyler your Z32 is on point. Its not to low but its just that dope to turn heads and break necks. Nice quality build.

  9. CB7

    have to admit, even one stock the fairlady is a gorgous beast, but the way ya put yours together with slight mods and simple colors makes it even more attractive!! great job and definately keep up the awesome work, hope to see some dyno numbers soon!!

  10. Ted Persing

    I would have gone with a tan interior, personally. I think with the blue paint and gold wheels (particularly with the wood steering wheel) it would have tied the car together beautifully. I think Corbeau even produces those seats in tan cloth. Everyone has their own tastes, though. Awesome car, non-the-less. I miss my Z31s and Z32s every day ^_^ Nice work


    No need to cater to the common hater. Your car is rad and has been an Internet sensation for quite some time now. You obviously are doing something right, with many different wheel set ups. Fire and brimstone to the hater. Once again, congrats on the feature. It’s been a long time coming.

  12. will

    Your Z is sick , like the clean look and well put together. The wheels and setup really sets it off! I have my Z in the paint shop right now.

  13. StaceyFacey

    O____O i live in Utah……. if i saw this…. i’d literally jizz my pants.
    I’ve seen a few but this one… deff tops.
    srsly. <3

  14. Fareeck

    Заебись аппарат, могешь хуле! Подписался, жду в гости! ыыы

  15. David

    If im not mistaking … i believe this is the car that was offered to me before as a trade (when it was on Mb battles)

    anyways, wow, the wheel set up is amazing. I finally traded my miata for a z32 TT but unfortunately, it only lasted 3 weeks lol

    keep the mods coming and post some numbers …

    I’d like to make a request. Please post a video of this thing. Rolling, sitting, burning out or whatever lol just a video of this car

  16. John Gray

    How much do those wheels weigh?

    Have you ever dynoed your car to see what it puts out? Respectfully, the writer of the article is incorrect, sport500 turbos are old-school thrust-bearing turbos, and they typically put out about 380rwhp WITH modifications that you don’t have such as msp manifolds, on 93-octane.

  17. z

    great story too.
    (much better than most ‘parents bought the car’ stories)
    i’m loving these 300zx’s more and more.

  18. Chopper

    Idk. I’ve been into Z’s for so long and I have to say this is hands down the best looking one I’ve ever seen


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