With Fatlace’s successful previous events in Japan, it only made sense to do it again. Just like last year, the crew went back to Fuji Speedway and put on another great event. 100’s of cars in attendance, dozens of vendors and a ton of cars parked outside that either didn’t “make the cut” or just showed up late. From slammed vans, to crazy VIP rides, there was truly something for ever kind of car enthusiast. Our photographer Kumax attended the event and provided us with over 200 photos though we will break the coverage down into 2 different parts. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Photos By: Kumax exclusively for StanceNation.com

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  1. BLAZ33

    **Scratching my head**
    Do the Japanese not like the 350Z?!?!
    Can someone explain.

  2. Paulo J.

    I loved everything in here, except for the s14 zenki for some reason, lol shots are awesome and cars are clean! crazy seeing japans interpretation of our scene here!

  3. hotrod2

    man, these guys are soooo thinking outside the box!! If one of our shows looked like this the forum would lite up with negative posts. Why can’t car guys here stretch the limits of what’s possible?

  4. ArrogantUnicorn

    The white wheels on the red hatch are definitely enkei 92, not ssr’s. You can tell by the portion closest to the lip.

  5. Lupe

    What is the white front bumper on the NC Miata, its not garage Vary..you guys are the only one with the picture of it, the only one I see floating around the internet and Im trying to find one to order/import. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please E-Mail me with any details


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