We’re back with another set of photos from Slammed Society Fuji. We’re still in awe at the diversity of cars that these events attract and this particular set shows that so well. Old Cressida wagons, RWB Porsches, big bodied VIP Style Celsiors and of course plenty of USDM style cars such as S2000’s and STI’s! With that said, we’ll get straight into photos. Once agan, huge thanks goes out to our photographer Kumax for the coverage!

Photos By: Kumax exclusively for StanceNation.com

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  1. luke truehart

    those rx7’s are sick especially the one with the “looking” sticker. And the dished steelies on that old school honda civic are dope. Charge speed kit on that blue subie is my favorite look on those cars

  2. Jason

    Those hellaflush ES1’s (Honda Civic’s 2005) made my day, especially because I’m getting one in about a year from now. Great coverage!

  3. Ashemoney

    Anybody have a clue as to what wheels are on that old champagne Benz? Those would look really good on a s13 or Miata.

  4. SSGM

    I like how you guys do it. Not much text, ALOT of nice photos! Keep up the good work, this is why I love this blog!


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