The automotive community is fueled by a competitive spirit. Everyone wants to be the best and when it comes to track racing the best is usually decided with one undeniable factor, track time. What happens when you are competing for style? Do you “grade” according to the recent trends? Maybe, color and shine? Is it a matter of simplicity vs complexity? Well if there IS a rule book for modifying a vehicle, I’m pretty sure that our friend Nakawatase-San’s Volklinger S14 is doing everything wrong, yet it looks damn good doing it! Nakawatase-San’s S14 looks different every time you see it. He is always changing things up and doing stuff that many would never even imagine. Open minded folks will surely appreciate the thought and creativity put into this car, though we have a feeling that many will also be quick to criticize it simply because it is out of norm, when in reality such cars will get overlooked for their “unoriginality” by the same folks. With that said, allow us to introduce you to Nakawatase-San’s pride and joy.

Photos By: Takashi Fukui exclusively for

Most cars inspire dreams of sunny mountain roads and an attractive passengers riding shot gun. This car seems to inspire visions of a post apocalyptic wasteland and a story of survival. From the random body parts with rivets left on display, to the rusted looking flat paint, everything is chaotic, yet, methodical. I wouldn’t say that this cars “post war” illusion is created by one individual feature, this car is perfect because it was assembled in this exact fashion.

The kit started with the popular TRA-Kyoto Rocket Bunny that has now evolved through the many additions that have been fit to every corner of this battle ready Nissan. The left front fender seems to be inspired by a Z-tune GTR while the right fender looks like its been creatively remolded using old license plates. Not just any license plates, but plates from right here in America.

The hood has been modified to shield the front headlights and most of the windows have been covered by pieces that resemble steel tank armor. The front windshield displays a VOLKLINGER sign and the back window was covered with a vented rear window louver. Nakawatase-San also decided to add random vents and a paint theme that helps solidify the military transportation theme. Specifically, that theme from the old Völklingen, Germany.

The engine of choice is a Nissan SR21det. This is an SR20det with a displacement increase from 2.0 liters to 2.1. This turbo four is being force fed fresh air with a TD06-20G turbo that seems to flow through aftermarket inter cooler piping and center mount exhaust. The engine bay appears to have also been spray painted so everything has a flat black shade to it.

One interesting aspect of this car that seems to catch my attention is the mix of cultures that can be find in Nakawatase-San’s part choices. Nakawatase-San chose a “Japanese” Nissan to create a “German” military theme and then added “American” Mickey Thompson wheels. Even though these wheels don’t exactly fit this theme perfectly, they look incredible under this mayhem of a machine. Those purple circles are the classic model and they measure 16×10 with a crazy -45 offset and a thick 205/45/16 tire.

The purple and silver wheels help break the dull looking flat colors but don’t necessarily take away the attention from the car itself.

Utilizing these license plates was a great way to portray a survival style. When resources are low, you have to use whats available to fix your equipment. Why would you look for a new front fender when you have a stack of old license plates sitting around?

Everything about this car seems like a bad idea. The color, the wheels, the abundance of body additions. The craziest part however is how well it all comes together. Nothing really appears to be out of place, and there actually seems to be a balance. Don’t get me wrong, this may not be an example of what a “perfect car” may be but that’s what helps make it so interesting. It’s yet another example that you don’t need to worry about having the biggest wheels, most flashy paint or even sit the lowest. All it takes is a goal and some creativity. Most importantly though, you gotta build a car for yourselves and not others.

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  1. steves

    Love everything but the hood/headlight area. LOL @ those who don’t understand the (backwards) swastika has roots that trace back to before Naziism.
    The builder/owner obviously wanted to make the car as “authentic” as possible, but felt that the swastika was too much, so he changed it to the reversed good luck symbol. He abandoned his authenticity for the sake of public opinion, and you guys still can’t appreciate it…

  2. Bobby Bird

    hello everyone at stancenation, i am doing a project for my diploma at school i am in year 11 (15 for all the americans!) and although i know the effects of camber, i need to ask questions about vehicles from a expert or someone who knows what he is on about!! if anyone could email me with any help i would much appreciate it, i am wondering what the effects of adjusting the camber to extreme lengths such as this affect the handling? i got to pick my question for my project so of course i picked “how does modifying the engine of cars affect its handling” just an excuse to look at tuners all day long! anyway any help would be

  3. james

    Windows ???? How did he make the windows look like that ? is it a custom tint? im as summing it would be. or did he use actual diamond plate ? has anyone seen window tint similar to these windows ? this car is awesome, i love it, very inspiring for a post apocalyptic ride, max max beyond thunder dome !!!

  4. mo kim

    Awesome, i used to have a BMW with the Nazi flag on the roof. it looked awesome got alot of complements and likes..

  5. mo kim

    Funny how ppl trip about nazi’s even tho they werent the worst in ww2, If fact USA were allies with nazi thru most of the war. There are a ton of Rising sun hoods i see yet no complaints even tho the japanese were a direct enemy thru the war

  6. Tommy Love

    This car is staggering. I don’t know what you’re talking about it not being perfect. This wou;d be a post apocalyptic zombie hunter’s dream car. It’s an absolutely beautiful machine in a world of 24 inch wheel “muscle” cars. I would walk past a lot of nice show grade cars to see this if I knew it was at a show.

  7. Nickelson

    sickest s14 i’ve ever seen.. Damn! all those details, just amazing…Rawww

  8. Astrozombie

    Art experts say that cars cannot be art because art has to be meaningless and not commercially made or mass produced in order for it to be considered art and cars are transportation therefore it is not meaningless they are mass produced and produced commercially but damn show this car to an art professor and they will think twice about cars not being able to be art. Very beautiful car and this coming from a conservative s14 owner.

  9. Elliot bower

    I love this car, love the war/battle ship theme looks so cool, many people may hate it but even if you dont like the look of it got to admire the work and the origionality of this, yeah it might be abit of an outrageous theme but I’m pretty sure no other cars will look anything like this and its defo a lot better than a clean as fuck golf sat on air and 3sdm’s even though I love a car with arches sitting on rim lips, would love to own this car and I’m sure it will get a lot of looks, its out of the ordinary and the owner need a good old pat on the back becuase its been done so well and the fact that they even thought to do this. well done Nakawatase-San


    I love the artwork on your car! Its beautiful. I was looking to do an army theme as well on my car.


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