So it’s been a couple of weeks since Formula Drift came through Irwindale, California and we are finally able to get to posting our coverage. Two of our photographers were present, Gabriel Yang and Gus Rivera and combined they got over 100 awesome photos for us. As we all know by now, Formula Drift never disappoints. Owners from all over California, Vegas, Utah and other west coast states come out to show off their awesome cars and of course enjoy the show that the Formula Drift drivers put on. Without further ado, let’s get into the photos!

Photos By: Gabriel Yang & Gus Rivera exclusively for

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  1. Michael Sinclair

    Good to see Evan Gilliss Miata getting some more publicity, Omid’s(hope thats spelt right) Nissan is just so dope, its the black on the red Work VS-XX wheels. Looks like a dope show wish I could have made it. A lot of clean quality rides. Great photography and will there be some more coverage?

  2. Jarrod

    that last S13 is awesome. I think you’re getting internet alzheimer’s, Elvis, this is like the 3rd article I’ve read/looked through where you’ve put the same photo 2 or 3 times!! hahahah in all seriousness, though, these photos and features are amazing. thank you for what you do, even if it’s just having a good time, I know I appreciate being updated so often and with such a diverse selection of cars. keep up the awesome work.

    • Jarrod

      oops, gave Elvis the credit for others’ work. either way, everyone that works with S:N on anything should be given kudos, I know it’s my dream “job” and it’s better than seeing nothing but BMW, Benzes and VWs on StanceWorks.

      • Elvis

        It’s definitely my fault for putting up double photos haha. Thanks for the kind words though, our photographers work hard!!

  3. TerryJ

    I love how the Aventador is in the same pic with the Honda,cool sight & Elias’s Z32 is so clean and nicely done.I wished I was there.

  4. Thomas

    Does anybody have more pictures of the white Trueno/AE86? I would love to see more! :)

  5. Ahren

    More info on the carbon miata…never seen that hard top before, it resembles a mugen one for an s2k…

  6. Bobby Bird

    hello everyone at stancenation, i am doing a project for my diploma at school i am in year 11 (15 for all the americans!) and although i know the effects of camber, i need to ask questions about vehicles from a expert or someone who knows what he is on about!! if anyone could email me with any help i would much appreciate it, i am wondering what the effects of a bigger turbo as appose to a stock one, for example putting a gt30 turbo in replacing the stock one, how does this affect the handling, at what revs does it take place how much more brake horsepower, etc i got to pick my question for my project so of course i picked “how does modifying the engine of cars affect its handling” just an excuse to look at tuners all day long! anyway any help would be any help or information on tuning a car, would be much appreciated

  7. Ryan Aquino

    THAT ALTIMA SEDAN IS MINDBLOWING!!!! xD i wish my mom woulda kept hers instead of getting the coupe .-. it was the same color, now she has silver -.- i wish there was more coverage on that and more stanced altimas aha xD


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