October 2012

Clean Stanced BMW M3 E36 (2)

Back to Basics.

Every once in a while it becomes necessary to get back to "the basics." That phrase has a variety of connotations, but to sum it up, in this situation it could be best described as a return to simplicity. There are countless varieties to be fou... Read More...
H20 2012 Photo Coverage (1)

H2Oi 2012 Photo Coverage.

If you love cars, especially Euros, H2Oi is the place to be. The show went down couple of weeks ago and new photos are still surfacing all over your favorite forums & social networks. You see, the guys in charge of H2Oi have been doing this for 15 ... Read More...
Black 3 VIP Car Show Photo Coverage (1)

Black 3 Photo Coverage.

One of the most anticipated automotive events went down on October 6th in Englishtown, New Jersey. It goes by the name "Black" and just like last year, the show delivered some of the finest VIP cars that the east has to offer. While the turnout i... Read More...