This was my very first time attending SEMA and wow what an absolutely amazing experience it was. It was great to meet the people that keep this aftermarket automotive industry moving. SEMA is definitely a must for anyone and everyone who loves cars. Whether you are into the fitment scene like myself, or even muscle cars or hot rods, this is the place to be. One thing that I noticed was this year it seemed like every other exhibitor had a Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ at their booth. As expected I suppose, they’re great cars. All in all it was a fantastic week and I cannot wait until next year to meet even more new people and see what amazing new builds are unveiled. Hope you enjoy my photos!

Photos By: Brendan Bannister exclusively for

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  1. Michael Sinclair

    Sweet new born infant baby Jesus. Photos are fresh, I love all the FRS, and that RTR is sexy, wish I couldv’e went

  2. james

    wow, i drive a 2000 frontier and whoevers red frontier that is, they killed it. and not in a good way.

  3. Tom

    WTF why are so many people rockin the FRS wheres all the BRZ’s, anyways at the end of the day wouldn’t you rather say i drive a Subaru not a Scion?

  4. Ryan

    man some clean cars but that mustang is nasty and im an import guy i cant deny true beauty


    808 REPPING WITH THE LS ON EQUIP AND THE GS ON S1R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nzo

    Green FRS is doing it soooooooo much more right than the others. Sad that the kit is getting so used up so quickly though

  7. alfdog

    Very nice photos, luv the Murciélago and the red Mustang, gray FDS3 is sweet too. Even though the mustang is so common no denying the great body design all the way around.

  8. benji

    Photo Number 150, White-ish silver rims on the left hand side… CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THOSE ARE?! PLEASE. I’m in love. I looked on the Rays Volk website but cant seem to find them :(


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