With all the individual car features and event coverage we haven’t really had any time to throw a bunch of random photos up here in a while. These particular photos are a few months old but we figured many of you would still enjoy them because, well, let’s just say that they are pretty different. We’ve been doing a pretty good job here in the states trying to keep up with Japan and their styles but one thing the US is lacking is a van scene. One of the main reasons is obviously due to lack of “attractive looking” vans here, but those new Nissan Quests and Honda Odysseys are looking pretty damn good. Let’s hope that after seeing these the inspirational juices will start flowing!

Photos By: Park Baker exclusively for StanceNation.com

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  1. pat

    I am thinking about dropping my 2002 Pontiac Montana, just for fun and to see the reaction of the people when they see a dropped van..

  2. 06EX

    I told myself before I’d never buy a van, but I wouldn’t mind driving that orange one. :D I’m liking all of these.

  3. Jhoff

    everything from a gtp bolts in a montana, sub fram, struts, and mounts. Just got to so some wirring work and fix the rust. i say stance the bitch.

  4. jbo

    Wrecking shop Id take any of these in less than a heartbeat I think J spec Ody would be my first choice but the Estimas are in a strong second…

  5. Aaron

    the white estima is superb!! can I know what’s the side skirt it using.. Extremely like it!!

  6. jonnyA

    I thinik vans are cool. There are plenty here that would be great candidates including the Mazda5 and the new Siena in SE trim. I keep trying to get my wife to let me bag her Ody with some nice wheels but no dice. :(

  7. Aaron

    I’ve always liked dropped vans. If I had one, I’d go a little lower, but that’s just my personal preference. Ironically, I don’t like when cars are that low. I’m weird.


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