When was the last time you saw or even heard of a Honda Inspire? Yes, it may resemble our Acura Legends from the 90’s but it’s not quite it. Just as we try to “push the envelope” and do things different here in the states, so does Japan. While some choose to stick with “common” cars and build them into one of a kind machines, you have guys like Yamada who dare to be different and build something just as awesome with a “not-so-common” car. After months of trying to get some exclusive photos of Yamadas Inspire, our photographer Shota Mori was finally able to track Yamada down and make things happen just for us!

Photos By: Shota Mori exclusively for StanceNation.com

By having a car that isn’t so popular with the aftermarket world one of the things that Yamada always had trouble with was finding parts. After a while he simply gave up on looking for parts that practically didn’t exist and he shifted towards making things with his own two hands. From bumpers to all the body work, lighting and even down to exhaust, everything is pretty much one of or retrofitted from other cars.

Let’s start with the aero. Front bumper looks pretty familiar to most of you, doesn’t it? Perhaps a little hint of BMW? Indeed, the front bumper started off as an OEM BMW bumper which was cut up and merged with one from Dinan. Then, that was merged together with the stock Inspire bumper for that OEM like fitment. He didn’t just stop there however. Those massive custom front (and rear) fenders flow so well with the car. Yamada also repainted his headlight housing, added LED’s to the corner lights and even added custom LED fog lights to fit his custom bumper.

Side skirts are completely custom, and the rear bumper is a mixture of the Admiration & Value Sports kit. As expected, Yamada had the mufflers also custom made to work with his rear bumper. If you look really close at the lower half of the tail lights you’ll notice they have been retrofitted with dozens and dozens of small LED lights.

What truly makes this car stand out from other Inspire’s in Japan is it’s stunning overall posture. Despite hours and hours of body work the car sits ridiculously low on a set of Garage Magical coilovers. Yamada wasn’t happy with how his coilovers rode out of the box so he replaced the springs with 326 Power (40kg) up front and Swift (28kg) in the rear. Yes, that is ridiculously stiff. In order to fit those massive wheels Yamada had to run SPC rear camber arms that he shortened, as well as Megan Racing rear tow rods & lower arms.

That brings us to it’s wheels & tires. The legendary Work Meister S1’s sit 18×8.5 in the front and 18×10.5 in the rear with undisclosed offset. Judging from the lip sizes however it’s safe to assume they’re in the negative double digits. Yamada is also running a set of Nankang tires sized in 205/35/18 in the front and 225/35/18 in the rear.

Interior is relatively stock, for now but that should change very soon. Yamada’s Inspire is always changing and before you know it it’ll be time to get the interior to match the exterior. In the meantime we’ll leave you with a few more photos. We would like to give a special thanks to our friend and photographer Shota Mori as well as Yamada himself.