Chances are that if negative camber isn’t your thing you probably won’t even finish reading this sentence. Unfortunately we have some news for you. Negative camber is not only here to stay, but you’ll be seeing more and more of it stateside. It’s part of our scene, and that we simply have to accept. As far as how many degrees of negative camber is “OK” and how many looks plain “stupid”, that’s where we all differ. But enough about camber, let’s get into the coverage provided by our Japanese photographer Takashi Fukui!

Photos By: Takashi Fukui exclusively for

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  1. Raiko

    I feel that picture 15 has the perfect amount of camber. Fitment is on point. For the rest of these, to each their own! Never cared about Oni-Camber, but I still respect the amount of work placed into these vehicles.

  2. hotrod2

    Agreed. But cars like #3 I just don’t understand. I agree there’s probably a lot of engineering that takes place but there’s a lot to be said regarding the look of the car and these just don’t look appealing at all. To me it’s just a technique to say “look how extreme I can go”. But there’s no style or functionality points attached.
    I do like how these cars seem to be tucking again and not so much of the “pinch” fitment.

  3. lgunnz

    I use to think this was crazy but its really grown on me. Would I do it to my car? No. But it is a part of the culture and has been for years. It doesn’t need to be functional, if it was for function it would be fail. But it form not function and in that respect it is sexy.

  4. Super Him

    When I was a teen i thought it looked really stupid, and the people driving them were idiots. But if you ever see one of these cars in real-life, speeding down the city streets at night, milimeters off the ground throwing sparks from under and with loud straight pipe exhaust sound, plus these massive deep-dish rims poking out on either side, you will probably be awe-struck.

  5. kevin

    awesome pics!!!!

    I have a question though, what do these guys do with their axles to be able to run this much camber and still drive????

  6. TonyToxic

    At HotRod, why do you even come on this page? Also DAAAANNNNG THE CAMBER on the first grey car! LOL WOOOOW Sooo much, looks sick!! Haha!!! Il always love massive camber, and have respect for anyone who does this. Il put alot of camber on my civic, just not as much as 80% of these guys lol Great pics StanceNation!

  7. Jorge Alvarez (bpearl2010)

    Have to say, that the work put into these cars is just mind blown have to respect that, even though some of the cambers are over the top; its there car, and have to respect that.

    Props to you guys. Good feature StanceNation

  8. alfdog

    White Mercedes and gold Lexus are nice. How does this oni-camber even done? Anyway you do what you want with your money who cares what ppl think.


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