Earlier in the month an annual event by the name of Euro Festa went down in western Japan and our photographer Kumax was there to show his Mazda as well as cover the event just for us. The show features variety of cars though judging by these photos, Euros definitely showed up in strong numbers. One of our favorite cars is the sexy Audi A4 built by the guys at 326 Power. It sits about as low as some of the bagged cars and it’s body work is as clean as it gets. Couple other cars that stood out for us is this rather simple M3 above and a pair of sexy Audi TT’s siting ridiculously low and sporting that stance that only 326 Power can pull. Clicking any of the photos below will open a higher resolution photo. As always, big thanks to Kumax for the photos!

Photos By: Kumax exclusively for StanceNation.com