Top Style Cup, one of the biggest “small events” in the Hiroshima area put on by the Top Style guys. This particular show went down on the 25th November in Yasuura Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture with about 450+ cars on display and damn did they look good! A mix of everything from big body sedans to vans and K-cars, there was a little something for everyone. We’re not going to waste any of your time so let’s get right into the first part of the coverage. We’ll be dropping part 2 in the next few days!

Photos By: Mark Kawaguchi exclusively for

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  1. Kyle

    I have a quick question about the Audis in pictures 5-9. Those decals on the front bumper, on the wing and on the rear bumper- does anyone have any idea where I would find something like that? I think it gives the cars a stylish and racing style look all at the same time but I have no idea where I would begin to start looking. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Elvis

      They’re 326 Power stickers. Just google it..they have them for sale on their site but it’s in Japan.

  2. Joop

    What car is it in picture 25? And in picture 33? Love them!
    Great pictures, as always!

  3. Peter

    Hmm, idk if im feeling this particular style that seems to be growing over in Japan. Seems to have lost the traditional VIP and is more “show” VIP. remember the bippu scene started from gangsters that wanted to lay low and under the radar, maybe its me but this over the top style isnt my thing. Body work, quality, and passion are impressive, just not for me.

  4. original garage


    don’t believe everything you read on the internet. if you go back 10 years vip had a lot of the same characteristics that are popular today. loud colors, crazy widebodies, and silly conversions were around before what most of us consider “traditional”. i’m not a fan of the gt vip look vs. the more subtle stuff we got used to, but this is just a stage of the cycle and when it gets played out it will evolve to the next stage.

  5. Sean Kivler

    Can anyone tell me what wheels are on the blue car with red interior 10th from the bottom? Thanks.

  6. luke truehart

    those audis r ridiculous, so fricken awesome lookin! This whole shoot had quality cars. I’m kinda feelin the same as dude that posted I havent been feelin this style of VIP but I gotta say seein quality cars like these r really pullin me in and really like alot of em. good pics as always


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