Since most of you enjoyed the craziness of the Japanese VIP scene in part 1 of the Top Style Cup photo coverage, here is a little more eye candy for you. Now before you comment with things like “too much camber” or “it looks broken”, I strongly urge you to look past that. Japanese car culture is far more than just negative camber. Look at the body work, look at small details such as lights and exhausts, and most importantly understand the fact that whether you (or us) like it or not, negative camber is going to be around for a while. As a matter of fact, I guarantee that it’s just a matter of time before cars running -15 to -20 camber in the states here become pretty common. Big thanks to our photographer Mark Kawaguchi for the photos and huge shout out to our friend Kazuo-san and the entire Top Style team for putting on such a great show yet again.

Photos By: Mark Kawaguchi exclusively for