“It’s not a 240.” This is a phrase Giancarlo has probably had to utter more times than he can count since finishing his 2001 Nissan Silvia. As a tattoo artist, automotive fabricator and connoisseur of all things bad-ass, Giancarlo is more than just your typical car guy. Whether it’s designing your next chest piece, or building a project car, his level of dedication to perfection and detail rise like a phoenix out of the drivel that sometimes consumes current car culture.

Photos By: Jason Paul exclusively for StanceNation.com

Giancarlo received the imported RHD Silvia before you in January of 2012. The car is Spec C which denotes that the car did not come equipped with a sunroof, LSD or the Spec R motor with 6 speed tranny. The car came to Giancarlo with a Spec R swap, but he knew before it arrived that the 4 cylinder would be at the curb in no time. In fact, the night it was delivered, and before it was even started, the entire engine and drive train was removed! Originally, Gian says that the Silvia was going to get treated to a turbo LS3 swap, but he decided to keep it Nissan instead.

“The car is too rare to be doing rolling burnouts at 70 mph, plus what’s not love about that RB sound.” Gian said. He immediately began sourcing what would become the heart of this beast, and weeks later an importer delivered an RB25 plucked from an R33 Skyline. The first thing Giancarlo addressed was a full wire tucked bay to show off the future fabrication that was to happen under the hood. One of the most impressive parts about this Silvia is that he and his brother crafted so much from scratch. The tanks are all custom made along with the intercooler piping and miscellaneous odds and ends that tie the bay together. In addition, every single component involved in building the RB25, from the APR head studs to the custom stainless 3mm manifold were installed and executed at the hands of Giancarlo and his brother. he says.

Giancarlo ultimately decided on a Precision 6766 turbo to bring the new inline-six to life. The complete list of parts under the hood reads something like a grocery list for a family of 25! At the end of the day a fully tuned AEM EMS module provides the brain to this monster. The Silvia’s brakes were upgraded and rebuilt with Brembo’s from an STI.

Anyone that knows Giancarlo knows he has way to many Subaru parts laying around, so this seemed like a no brainer. “With the Silvia being such a light car, the car stops pretty quick. It’s more than enough for a street car.” says Gian. The clean stock interior was then freshened up with an array of Gauges to keep Gian “in the know” along with a Spec R steering wheel. Giancarlo actually found someone selling an S15 drivers seat locally. Someone bought it to use as a drivers seat in their LHD 240, this must have been quite the facepalm for the original purchaser! Once the interior and bay were proper, the exterior and suspension became the focus.

Giancarlo opted for a set of Fortune Auto coilovers mated to 19×9.5 +12 and 19×10.5 +12 Varrstoen ES2’s wrapped in 225/35 and 245/35 Falken rubber. When asked why Varrstoen instead of TE37’s, he says “They’re round, just like any wheel. Whatever. $5,000 wheel builds over rides fabrication these days. This isn’t that car.” Lastly the car sports a full Vertex body kit to draw some added aggression out of the Silvia’s already menacing looks. In closing Giancarlo would like to give a shout out to his brother as well as his Tuna Crew buddy’s. “Without them, the car would still be in the garage collecting dust.”

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  1. Jhoff

    So we hate on replica wheels for reason? Some of us have great builds, and choose not use a $3000 wheel set up. I am thankful, that this car proves it.

    • Ken

      The replica wheels destroy the overall feel for the ride. He should have got a replica Vertex kit for the car too if he was going to throw some fake wheels. There are plenty alternative legit designs wheels that don’t cost a fortune. Just a shame to ruin such a nice build with inferior products.

      • franken

        Come on dude.. the rest of the car, the whole build is very well done. Just look at the mods list. You can’t discredit a whole build by being angry that he’s not pushing wheels that were deemed cool by the stance community mainly because they are generally unobtainium

      • EDDIE

        They’re not unobtainable, he could afford an RB swap, 6766, full on wire tuck. It’s not a matter of how expensive they are or aren’t or if they’re “deemed cool” it’s the fact they are inferior material and stolen design!

      • nick

        Cant agree more…the first thing i though when I saw it was Varrstoens? but its a sick car any way. Can;t say that I have’nt thought about getting some knockoffs because they are dirt cheap

  2. N99GT

    Perfect. The best S15 that ive saw in a VERY long time! Props to Giancarlo for not going crazy…ugh i want one soo bad!

  3. Jesse

    Gian and Jay killin’ it as usual. Glad to see this car finally get put up and featured, It’s well deserved.

  4. Jake

    Awesome car with a perfect fitment, would have been an absolute handful with the LS3.

    He raises an excellent point with the “replica” wheels too, good on him.

  5. Skipper

    Nothing matter with rep wheels if you can make em look good!

    Because the real matter is: in 10 years, you’ll look at these photos and realize that they really look the same as those big name wheels.

    The guy who shelled out? He’ll be wishing for that money back because those bad-ass wheels are now out of style pieces of junk. His head and ego was huge when they were new, but 10 years later hes just going to remember the good old days. New and better is always around the corner.

    • Ken

      Get real. The guys wheels are knockoffs of TE37 and its a classic design from Volk. It’s never going out of style. Also, all replica wheels are usually copies of popular wheel designs from reputable companies, hence Varrostoens biting the TE37. Never seen Varrostoen with legit wheel designs.

  6. Zach

    Yet another excellent car ruined by fake wheels. “They’re round, just like any wheel.” You get a RHD Silvia imported and do a r33 skyline RB transplant then cut corners on the wheels. Its like saying yeah, I have a corvette but I put a 4 cylinder in it because its just like any engine.

    • anarchy

      who gives a fuck if they are replica wheels the car still handles the same, goes just as hard, and more to the point looks the same.

    • Jesse

      Except for that cutting corners on an engine is way out of league in comparison to rolling on reps. If he had put volks on it that looked identical color wise would you really have known the difference? If you think its ruined why don’t you buy real wheels for him to put on it.

      • Ken

        The brand name of real VOLKS would help out on his build sheet & credibility. This build deserves better than reps wheels, but that just my opinion. Owner just bought the wrong rims.

      • LD

        They would help out on his credibility? The man built the entire car by hand with his brother including tucking wires and fabricating tons of parts from scratch. I think the car itself speaks MORE than enough for his credibility.

  7. Toepfer

    SO many problems in the article from grammar down to the description of the motor? You say 25? Pictures say 26….

    What is it really? RB25? RB26? Gallo12, Gallo24?

  8. John

    How did he import a Silvia? And it has NY plates so its legit…i really want to know how he did that.

  9. Kevin Cook

    Isn’t it a RB26 not the 25?? Cause that’s what his engine says under the hood. But the article says other wise. Correct me if i’m wrong. But very nice set up. Beautiful car! Love the Silvia Family!

    • Kevin Cook

      My mistake. I just red the spec list. Why the change of the valve cover :s. That seems a bit odd. Still beautiful though.

    • Harry

      Technically, it is still a 2.5litre engine due the the block being from a rb25. The rb26 valve cover could be used for a bigger turbo compression rates, or the other one could’ve blown and he just found a cheap rb26 cover haha.

  10. Fluffy

    Sweet picture of the…valve cover? Where is a shot of the engine bay? Especially since you made such a point about a full wire tuck.

  11. gomcar25

    Where is this car ? I’m dying to import one and give up my evo for this car details on the import ?

  12. James

    Heres to all the wheel snobs that think that rolling on reps is a crime. They look exactly the same so quit whining, and besides it’s on a rhd silvia so props to the guy that spent $5,000 on engine parts instead of wheels. Good for him.

    • Ken

      If he could spend 5K on an engine, why not spend 3K+ on legit forged & lighter wheels. It’s pointless for all that power and have heavy 19 in. cast wheels. Incomplete build. If this was west coast build, then everything would be legit. No corners cut.

  13. Bryan

    You make a big fuss about rep wheels but lift your head up high when you roll on a rotiform BLQ? They are Gallardo reps, so please go kill yourself.

  14. J_Mike

    @Toepfer it’s a gallo24 lmao!

    wheels are wheels when it comes down to driving a car/sliding/autoXing/whatever. as long as he doesn’t slap Volk Stickers on them (cause that takes away from Volk), but with that being said…its a legit imported silvia…if he can afford a RHD silvia, RB25 swap, and legit Vertex kit, then he can save up for some legit Japanese Wheels. Rotiform and other US companies make some sick ass wheels too!

    Nonetheless, I like the car…it’s clean. personally, I would love to see it with some concave gold/bronze wheels/something different. Maybe some Advans or ADV1s>>>that would put the car on another level…

  15. Leon

    just a bunch of fucking wheel nazis in here. WHO CARES about what choice wheels he took? wheels are wheels, the car looks on point nonetheless.

    • Neil

      agreed, people need to relax over here. they can’t afford the TE37s themselves and complain when other people dont get them

  16. theblue

    awesome build. between the swap and wheels that look 99% the same I’d glad he picked the swap. can always change shoes whenever.

  17. Deeznutz

    its pretty, but fake wheels show that they car more for looks than about the car. the fake valve cover shows that as well. again its a really nice car. just wish the owner took pride in everything and didnt build it for attention

  18. taylor

    It it a beautiful car. I can’t seem to understand why he’d have to tell people it’s not a 240. Not a very common thing to do a s15 rear end conversion.. Not digging the valve cover. What’s the point? Shave the 26 if it’s not a 26, false advertising right there.
    And yes, the wheels ruin the awesome build of the car, but not the car itself. This is all about stance is it not? It’s like seeing an r34 on rotas, total boner kill. He obviously doesn’t have money issues, so yes corners have been cut. Wound be sick on some bronze CEs

  19. turboman

    i’m a wheel whore. am not even going to lie. i like em all. if they look good, who gives a damn about the brand. i love my ssr’s and volks and bbs’s, but as stated before, if they look good, throw em on. too much energy is spent by the nazi’s talking smack about a car that isn’t theirs. its a fukin S15; show some appreciation. quit the hate. grow the peace.

  20. nissan4life

    sick s15! I would love to see what kind of rims all you haters have on your cars. Id bet the bank that the majority of the haters are probably rolling stock if any of you even own a car.

  21. Stu

    sweet looking ride. bit disappointed theres no half decent shots of the engine though the article mentions all these bits he made himself and no pictures. blowout.

  22. alfdog

    Hey it could always be worse he could be rockin the MB wheels like all of yous haters…LOL
    Nice ride

  23. kouki

    The car is a spec-s not a spec c. Besides this car had different wheels before. Believe they were ame’s. He’s selling the car, hence why he has the varrstoens.

    • Ken

      Did he buy it from a guy TJ that had the SR swap inside? The guy TJ had it with a SR swap because it was originally NA, Vertex kit, & 19″ AME wheels. The car was register in VA.

  24. Charley

    I’m glad I purchased Rota wheels instead of Work Emotions, because I didn’t feel nearly as bad when I curbed them – LOL. Sick car… haters gonna hate.

  25. Kyle

    No problem with the brand but 19s always look stupid on Silvias. The fantastic photography manages to hide it on this car though.

    Other than that, an amazing build an a solid performer, can’t ask for anything more!

  26. ChippedTooth

    First things first this car is incredible.
    Always been a huge fan of Silvias.
    Amazing build man.
    You do have “replica” wheels and wheel snobs are hatin on it.
    I don’t hate it. Do your thing.
    I love everything about this car.

  27. chauncy

    all you stance f*** are concerned with the wheels? wheels are wheels just like its not like the varrstoens are squares and the te’s arent you guys need to credit the cleanliness and attention to detail besides unlike most off the pos’s posted this ones got some power to back her up

  28. javon

    i guess the fact that its a legit s15 with a rb swap is overshadowed by the fact that he’s on reps. this is the reason why cars with a damn drop and “baller” wheels win trophies…oh wait i forgot the lip and 3k hid fogs.

  29. Hung

    For those who knock the reps. One question, do you have a car like this? Do you have real wheels? This car is amazingly done with reps or no reps. Don’t jump on the band wagon about having to have real wheels. Just admit the car looks awesome and get that stick outta your ***.

  30. K's

    “The car is too rare” I feel sorry for you guys, these are fucking EVERYWHERE where i live

  31. Mitsuhiro

    You all need to stop crying like little children because the guy put Varrstoens on a sick build like this. You form over function guys need to understand priorities. Who wants to spend 4000$ on wheels that’ll probably get f-ed up on the track? I’d rather put my money into the car itself, and make it a track monster, as opposed to 4000$ into wheels to make the brand whores happy. I bet half of your rides rolling on Volks push nothing close to what this guy is. But hey, at least you got your status parading wheels on, right?

  32. John

    Its a beautifully well put together car are you whine about the wheels being copies? You’re not car people if you can be thrown off of liking a car that easily.


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