From the streets of the roughest cities to the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies you will find representatives. Representation stands at the core of modern government, on the clothing of the famous, and often at the beginning of your favorite song. When it is deemed necessary we select individuals to create or supplement and image displayed to our peers, constituency, or audience. The concept is universally applicable and probably best illustrated in the world of modeling – you look good so we look good. In the automotive realm of sponsorships and SEMA-builds the effects can be just as powerful.

The origins of representative vehicles of companies, shops, or clubs vary; they can be chosen from customers, owned by employees, or built specifically for the purpose. Regardless, the rolling “face” must draw attention from the target demographic for the correct reasons. With such high-expectations providing the base of criteria it is easy to see why these cars are often regarded as the best-of-the-best, the cream of the crop, or any other creative synonym we use to describe things that are a step above the status quo.

Futura Design Brakes didn’t have to look far to find their flagship. Giovanni Dichiara, or Gio, is the owner of this 2004 Lexus LS430 and he is also a managing partner for the Texas-based company. A cutting-edge build such as this made the perfect choice for breaking necks in their direction, while it simultaneously represents Gio’s crew — Refined Elegance. Gio has a big family (comprised of his wife and 5 daughters) and an affinity for big sedans, as evidenced by the aptly selected UCF30 platform.

When you first snap your head around to catch a glimpse of the Texas Lexus you’ll find your stare has fallen down, way down as this LS is laid-out properly in traditional VIP fashion. It rides low in the most sophisticated of manners, visually floating across the ground like the tail of a ballroom dress. A custom air setup incorporating UAS bags and BC coils suspends the sedan, the system expertly controlled by Accuair’s E-Level management system.

If you follow the body of the car you note the subtle Vlene aero, however the craftsmanship of the custom body components by Dorbritz Design and Original Garage can almost be mistaken for OE offerings. The kit compliments the natural lines of the UFC30, instead of overpowering them. However, he still managed to incorporate modern styling cues literally from the front to the rear of the LS, beginning with 2012 Porsche Cayenne LED DRLs in the fascia and one-off LED acrylic accent lighting integrated into the headlights. Finishing off the rear of the vehicle are the sleek 2012 Hyundai Azera exhaust tips molded into the bumper. A thin, teal pinstripe breaks up the visual mass of the large-sedan and ties the exterior package together wonderfully. Gio certainly has a thorough understanding of the high-impact subtle differences make and his perception of that concept manifests itself in the quality of execution.

Naturally your gaze is captivated by the shoes, meticulously fitted in dimensions seemingly chosen by Goldilocks to be “just right.” The forever stunning OZ Futuras wear custom barrels and lips, achieving their unorthodox sizes of 20×9.75” in the front and 20×11.25” aft. Displayed behind the appropriately-named Futuras is the gorgeous, teal-hue Futura Design brake system from Gio’s’ company employing 8-piston front calipers and 6-pistons clamping on the rear.

There are dozens of proverbs that teach us it is the inside the counts and the Futura LS does not disappoint that discipline. Supple Ferrari/Rolls-Royce Magnolia leather flows throughout the cabin, replacing the black factory upholstery. The luxurious furnishing is accompanied by vanilla pinstriped piano black trim, a theme that continues in the engine bay and around the audio system. Each stripe was painstakingly hand-painted over the wooden trim and the final result is breathtaking. The Futura Design namesake is found inside as well on the illuminated door sills and floor mats.

It doesn’t matter what the situation may be, the rules of proper representation are clear – make the best statement to the specific audience in the right manner. Gio’s LS meets the standards for Futura Design fantastically, despite the tough road it took to get there. This isn’t the first UFC30, both an accident and theft attempted to prevent Gio’s dream from seeing completion. They say the 3rd time is a charm and his persistence has paid off well – proving that it’s not the car but the man behind the project that was truly selected to speak for his company, his crew, and his state. Represent, Gio.

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  1. Brian

    WOWZERS!!! Now, I know Stanceworks has shown Gio’s car before (respectively and a year or more ago), but here’s why I like this feature more. 1) It’s more pictures. This coverage shows a lot more of Gio’s car, which is truly a site to behold. 2) The writing of this article may have made it my favorite in STANCENATION history. The picture the author paints with his words is just amazing and quite honestly, the best I’ve ever seen on any automotive website (stance or otherwise). I’m not sure if this is you Elvis, or someone you’ve brought on, but either way, kudos. I absolutely love this entire article.

    • Elvis

      Thanks for the kind words Brian. Writer is Sean Biggs, photos are by Jun (buddy of Gio). Awesome collaboration from everyone to make this one of my personal favorite features ever.

  2. Eric

    I can’t believe this site isn’t widely known yet! I pass you guys to few of my car enthusiast friends and they love your website.
    You guys need to get more views on here. At least, some recognition.

  3. Yimbo

    Awesome feature. Love this LS as it is one of my favorite LS’s in Texas. The attention to detail is so great, and like Brian said before, its good to see that there are more pictures to cover the attention to detail.

  4. Robert

    Is this what love at first sight is like? I liked it the first time you guys did a feature of it, but now its a whole new level. great writing, even better pictures, this thing is a true work of art.

  5. Bijou

    @elvis don’t you have a project with the same kind of vehicle a ls430 since you sold the charger?

  6. Travis


    What a fuckin bad ass Lexus…. there isnt one thing that isnt on point.. the front end is wonderful.. the interior badass.. wheels/tires/brakes bad ass and its a Lexus on top of that ? This car needs its own road its so boss.

  7. Albert Hall III

    Outside of the inspiration of of Gio’s supurb LS430 for my LS400, it also inspires me to make this my next car/project as well!!

  8. Gav

    The car is nice but it was nice before Gio got it. he added his touches but he didn’t build the car by himself,he tweaked it here & there but 95% of the car was done already.

    • Jun

      are you kidding me Gav? 95%??? please explain? This has been a whole transformation- the only thing is the suspension kit, side mirrors, side skirts, and rear roof spoiler. Everything else has been completely customized and re-done- Looks nothing like the previous owners car.

  9. Hunter

    This car is beautiful! Its a piece of art everything about it just goes with the black and slight blue from the wheels to the headlights. This is inspiring me on my project but i need to find a nice VIP setup! Kinda hard in VA :( @Elvis you uploaded a pic my friend took of Rx-7! Mad love for what your’e doing for the scene man!

  10. brian

    GAV Really wtf! gutted interior, new wheels new brakes modded front modded rear redone trunk lights ect…car was poop before

  11. Tapdatass

    @gav, You don’t know jack….lol. The whole interior, trunk, custom lighting, body kit, wheels, even under the hood redone. Car was garbage before. You must be from East Coast….

  12. Gav

    I am from the east coast & know for a FACT!! the bodykit,side mirrors,grill,tint, audio system,suspension,bodywork,& roof spoiler was on that car when it was sold.
    it already had stoptech brakes which is waaaay better then a futura brakes.
    the car was bought 95% done he tweaked it & it looks good but guys are acting like the car was built from the ground up in Texas & it wasn’t.

    The thing is I know Facts you guys are just some fanboys go on VSC & see the original owners build thread!

    LOL at the car being garbage before,smh you guys are crazy

    • Jun

      GAV- he took the bodykit and had them customized, which makes it wayyyy better and unique. Are we really adding tint? He had smaller stoptech brakes in the front only….and red painted rear OEM brakes in the rear. No one has said the car was garbage before- but what has been done is a lot better than the previous owners car. I’ve seen all of these changes personally myself…..even if he bought a stock OEM LS430- the same things would have been done, just might have taken longer.

  13. tapdatass

    maybe we should post pics of the “quality” air ride install done prior to Gio….LOL

    painted oem brakes….classy. not sure who’s the real “Fanboy” here.

      • Gav

        So we’re deleting posts now elvis? that’s pretty lame if your gonna delete one you should delete them all.

      • Elvis

        After I said enough bashing I stopped approving comments that are bashing the car. I didn’t delete anything…I just wont approve bashing.

  14. Ken

    NIce & classy. Reminds me of European car styling : non extravagant body mods & great look wheels.

  15. kennyjevon

    Man I’ve seen this car around town a couple times, and I must say that it is the most proper and bossiest car in the whole city regardless if you pull up in something newer or not. Shits clean

  16. nick

    the car may have been 95% done when he got it, but it was 95% REDONE. completely custom front and rear bumper, completely custom interior, he changed out the brakes for a larger bbk, new wheels, this car had so much redone you can barely call it the same car. tommie did a great job with it, but man, give props where props are due.

  17. Максим

    Какой красивый лексус , просто мечта ….. У хозяина явно есть вкус , респект!
    a beautiful Lexus, just a dream ….. The owner clearly has taste, respect!

  18. Barmel

    O.m.g I’m so happy I ran into this site this ls is amazing you guys have inspired me I’ve just brought one in you just made yours just totally different it is soo nice can’t stop looking and where can I find these bumpers can I order them from some where please tell me I can I really love them it goes well with the as it should have came out the factor….it’s very nice in its good that you didn’t give up on the dream because it definitely a dream come true….oohhhh in forget the haters you have to have that I don’t blame I got to hate on the low but keep doin what you…

  19. silly

    I want to buy this ls430. Im making an offer of 30k cash. Call me at 857 241 7228 ask for silly

  20. Eugene

    I want to make an offer on Gios ls430 can someone get in contact with him and let him know and have him call me at 6033128341 thank you


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