Many people have different motivations to build a car; some do it just to prove a point or one up someone, while others have a much deeper reason. See, many people that aren’t enthusiasts cannot relate to the love that we have for our cars or the amount of time and money we put into them. There are many different styles of cars, builds and influences out there but we all share one thing in common. We all have that same butterfly-like feeling every time we see our build, it doesn’t have to be the fastest, flushest or most slammed car on the planet, but it is what we poured our hearts & money into.

Photos By: Rodney Ty exclusively for

Though, not everything comes easy. Not all things always work out the way how we should. My first build was one that was not successful. It went to SEMA twice, never running. There were empty promises and shattered dreams and emotions that went along with it. I almost threw in the towel on being an enthusiast. I was in debt, embarrassed, my emotions were destroyed and had a car that didn’t run. It was a complete failure, but instead of giving up, I learned from it.

There is a much longer story to all of this and simply cannot fit in the amount of space provided but I will go ahead and try to sum it up. This build almost failed twice, the FR-S you see here did not look anything like this 2 weeks before the SEMA show that it was supposed to attend. Everything on this build was a mix of no sleep, hustle and honestly being in the right place at the right time. I received no outside funding for the project and am still making payments on the car. Had it not been for Platinum VIP and Miura-san of Rocket Bunny being so supportive, this would have not made it to the show. In fact, while I was building this car I had a full load at Cal Poly Pomona and worked over 50 hours a week at Verizon Wireless.

Sleep was something that didn’t exist. Especially since during that week of finishing up the build I had to work 58 hours and had midterms. By the time the car was finished I was exhausted, had developed an ulcer and had 20 bucks to my name when the car hit the trailer to head to Vegas. I was mentally, physically and financially drained. But it was so worth it.

This build ultimately showed how dedicated I can be to something. It challenged me in ways that I never thought were possible, and it still isn’t done. The amount of support that I received from each company is just incredible, I cannot believe how supportive each of them were to help finish this on time for the show. Miura-San even overnight-ed a missing piece from Japan! That is pure love right there. Kennedy from Platinum VIP put in mad work and I cannot thank him enough. This is a rolling resume for me to hopefully have some form of a Marketing or Consulting position in the aftermarket automotive industry. The same dedication that I have with this build, I will have with any company I work with or for. I hope you guys love this build as much as I do, it is literally my pride and Joy.

The car sits on Forgestar Super Deep Concave F14 wheels in Semi Gloss Black, the sizes are 19×9.5 -7 offset (front) and 19×10 -19 with a +25mm spacer (rear). The rear wheels were made as aggressive as possible but still wanted them to be at least an inch more aggressive. The car sits on JDM Sport coilovers in the front with a 130mm spring and all the collars removed as well as the Phantom Air Cup Kit, in the rear I have prototype Function and Form coilovers which go super low.

Another thing you don’t see in pictures is the Battle Version Bolt in roll bar, this thing is truly a work of art and is worth every penny. As soon as my seat rails come in I will have Buddy Club reclinable Racing Seats in.

There will also be a full cover feature on Performance Auto and Sound with the full story of how this all came together so be on the lookout for that. My full official build thread is on and the rad photographer that shot this car can be found here.

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  1. Ramiro

    I saw this car last sunday at motor 4 toys car show in woodland hills ca. Really nice car up close alot of detail all aound.

  2. Joe

    Much better photos than the others that I have seen. I’m just not sure about the center of the rear diffuser. I didn’t know that was part of the kit, I would want to keep the OEM section.


    This car is very well executed and the photography is solid. I get that the this chassis is very capable and so on, but man I’m already tired of the rocket bunny kit. It’s everywhere! I wanna see what someone else cooks up for the frs/brz.

    • Stahp

      Totally agree. People jizz all over it because it’s soooo functional, yet everyone rocking it is hard parked. It’s so ugly compared to the other kits rocket bunny makes.

    • DaveT

      @SamShizzle FC3S I agree. I too am tired of the Rocket Bunny Kit already which is troubling.

      @Elvis I did see a bunch in person, it was at SEMA but still several none the less. :P

      • Robert

        @davet ummm there was the fatlace, garagefrs, forgestar, mackin and my car… that was it. 5 kits isnt really a “bunch”

      • DaveT

        I wasn’t knocking your car, I like your car. I am just saying that I did see several in person not just on-line.

  4. Slight

    I just have to say, out of every single rocketbunny kit frs out there, this one is my favourite. The first time I saw the car in a SEMA picture I went Wow.. That is Sexy as hell! Good work man.. Good work

  5. Seen it

    Im with @Sam on this Rocket Bunny is already old. And yes I did see all 5 that were at SEMA. There were 3 original wide body kits also on display and each was just as awesome if not better than the Rocket Bunny.

  6. Kevo

    Your story is very inspiring, and makes me want to stay dedicated to a build. For that, I commend you good sir. Oh yeah, the car is nice too. ;) Rocket Bunny all day.

  7. Joe

    Kind of disappointed in the feature. Not the usual stance nation features but more of just an advertisement. But that’s just me. Still a sick car!

  8. Geoffrey Rubick

    fitment color choice and stance are perfect. this is by far the best build of an frs. i am proud that people like u keep the automotive costomization passion alive!! one love and best of luck!!

  9. hanablemoore

    Major props on completeing your car consider you became the walking dead behind it. Your car is beautiful and so is dedication you put into it.

  10. Jay

    Seen this car on ocean blvd rolling in long beach amazing car. Mad respect for this build @Robert

  11. Scott

    Reading this story all the way through, i have MAD respect for this guy and the amount of effort time and money he put into this wonderful car. Reading this really makes you appreciate how much work goes into any kind of customization of a car, the loss off blood, the loss of sleep and in his case the ulcer in his stomach. Truly a great story

  12. Jordan Bent

    First of I have to say i got some serious respect for putting in all those hours into his car and work. Car is fucking Awesome, by far the only Scion FR-S that blew me away although I’ve seen many with the same kit. I personally didn’t like the look of th FR-S when it first came out, but after seeing this car so well executed I have a new found respect for it. Nice fit & finish.

    • Thomas

      I saw this at Cal Poly, and i told a lot of people that this was your car. Thanks to this article, i finally can prove it. Dope car dude!

  13. Sal

    Super clean car i love it, i saw this car a few weeks ago getting on the s 101 fwy by union station, looked sick.

  14. Randy

    Wow, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you go to CPP. I go there as well. Hope to see this car in the parking structure one day or at a meet. Great work!

      • Captain Smiley

        I know enough to say that most parts on this car were not installed by Robert, so yeah it is bought actually. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he didn’t build it he funded someone else building it.

  15. CK

    Could you tell me where you bought the Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave Semi Gloss Black Wheels from? Id appreciate it! :)


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