Despite a few small hiccups HIN Hawaii came and went pretty successfully overall. As always, the turnout was pretty damn good and there were plenty of cars that we’ve never seen before at any of the previous events out on the Islands. Just like last year, our photo & video guys Emil and Jay were there and got plenty of coverage for us to enjoy. Click here to follow Jay on facebook!

Photos By:
Emil Corpuz // Video By: Jay Mora exclusively for

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  1. Michael

    The GTI, omg. Does anyone know what wheels they are? Any help is much appreciated! Brilliant photos, if only there were more! Love the trolley, haha.

  2. Zachary

    whats that song on the video?
    love the G’s and GTR’s, hawaii always knows how to set up a dope show

  3. watson

    That was the worst song I’ve ever heard, ruined the whole video. Nice pictures anyways.

  4. James

    The wheels are Diamond Racing Steelies, 15×8 et0. Thanks for the love! I’ve put a lot of work into the Rabbit.

  5. sayer

    I guess I’ll be the first to comment about them big bootie beitchs :o and how clean the engine bay is on that evo on green grids

  6. Scott

    James is finally Famous! well done dude by the way the diamond racing wheels look awesome!

  7. Kai W

    The black RX-7 is way too much (in a good way!) I love that RX-7, it’s my dream car. The other car i really liked was that military style golf, wicked!


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