The car that you see in this feature was created from a collaboration between two power houses in the car tuning industry; Platinum VIP (US) and Liberty Walk (Japan). If you love aggressive fitment, are obsessed with low offsets, and infatuated with stretched tires then you must have seen one of the many cars built by Platinum VIP. The Southern California based shop is well known for building and customizing VIP style cars and it is our honor to get an exclusive look at their latest collaboration.

Photos By: Rodney Ty exclusively for

When it comes to customizing Chrysler’s and Lamborghini’s, there’s only one shop that stands out from the rest and that is Liberty Walk Japan. If you haven’t heard of Liberty Walk, you must have seen the brushed metal widebody Lamborghini Murcielago that was featured in every online media outlet from this year’s SEMA show. The relationship between Liberty Walk and Platinum VIP came about back in 2010. Liberty Walk bought a custom widebody Chrysler 300C in the States and imported it back to Japan. Kato-san , the President of Liberty Walk, was so impressed with the craftsmanship of the full metal widebody and the stance of the car that he wanted to find the shop responsible for the work.

Through various people, Kato-san was able to find out that it was Platinum VIP that built the car for a customer. He reached out to Platinum VIP and entrusted them to build another custom wide-body 300C for him, but this time fitted with his Liberty Walk body kit.

Kennedy, the owner of Platinum VIP, truly believes in pushing the boundaries, so with this 300C build for Liberty Walk, he opted for an even more aggressive fitment with 6” wheel lips in the front and 7” wheel lips in the rear. He also got rid of the rear separate spring and shock suspension and did custom independent rear coilovers. With the car sitting so flush with the rim, the front bumper and side skirts sit only ½” off the ground so a complete Phantom Air Cup Suspension
System was installed in order for the car to air up and drive around safely. Custom full metal wide body was also done to the car to accommodate the wide 9.5” front and 10.5” Platinum Series II Forged Wheels.

The amount of custom work done to this 300C to achieve its current stance is impressive, especially since everything was done in house. Kato-san of Liberty Walk definitely chose the right people to collaborate with to build the ultimate VIP-styled Chrysler. It was pretty much inevitable that the end result from the collaboration between these two great shops would be a masterpiece. Unfortunately you won’t be seeing this car at your local show anytime soon as it’s going to reside in Japan where Liberty Walk is based out of.

These photos were taken right before the car was shipped out overseas. Big thanks goes to our friend Rodney Ty for these awesome detailed photos. Also, huge thanks to the Platinum VIP & Liberty Walk gentleman once again for giving us the opportunity to share their latest collaboration exclusively.

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  1. Travis

    I love these cars ! I’ve been waiting for an article like this ! Thanks Stance Nation !

  2. Harrison

    They could have at least used the latest 300. The first generation… god, I just can’t see it being attractive in anyway. Slammed, widened, or modded to the extreme, I just don’t like the car. Eh, I’ll hope for the next one being more to my liking!

    • nate

      yeah the 2005-10 300’s chopped look, mixed with agressive styling doesn’t just beg for something like this…. Smh

  3. Isaiah

    Harrison this isn’t the 1st gen of the 300s unless ur just referring to the “C”. Anywho this car is gorgeous in every sense. As a fellow 300 owner I love to see how much potential these cars have. Much respect to the builders. Now officially my phone background!

  4. Jarrod

    No interior photos? Don’t get me wrong, the exterior is tight, but I’m sure the interior is something the builders wouldn’t want bypassed, either.

  5. Samuel

    It is about time- a feature of an American car. Please keep it coming, cuz we need the diversity. I now foreign cars look better but there are plenty of American customs out there that deserve to be featured here on Stance Nation!

  6. Brian

    Uhhhhhh, Elvis….you and I BOTH know that 9.5 fronts and 10.5 rears are not wide ESPECIALLY for the 300. But, meh. whatever. The car is still fresh to def

  7. nattydread

    lurkin with a mean ass attudie thats whats this car screaming to me love well done vip cars like this

  8. Jake

    as a fellow 300 owner these things are a blast to drive. Mines baggedo n 22s with 9.5 in the front and 10.5 in the rear on factory custom reps. I have seen these things tuck 24s by 12 +. looks good and def expensive to mod. Well done and looks very clean. Wouldnt mind shipping my car out there for them to finish my 300 srt


    Man, I need to know he secret to the editing in post. Learn me something!

  10. W212low

    Lol why are the wheels 9.5/10.5?

    There are lots of 300’s out there with much wider, more aggressive offset wheels?


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