Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (10)

You all saw that Odyssey we featured couple days ago, right? Well here is Yusaku’s friends car, an incredible Stagea that belongs to Junichi. Yusaku (Odyssey) & Junichi (Stagea) roll together to all the car events and pretty much hang out at all times, so it’s no surprise that I’m featuring both of their cars. I’ve always had a thing for these Nissan Stagea’s and just like the Odysseys’ I wish I could get my hands on one. Junichi did a great job keeping the car as simple & clean despite all of the small touches that some would consider “excessive”. This is just too awesome!

Photos By: Yusaku exclusively for

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (9)

I’ll never understand just why we here in the states never had cars as attractive as this right out of the box. Though this particular one is far from stock. Where do I even even start? How about with the exterior with those extremely clean custom medal fenders. Fronts sit 6cm wider while the rears are 11cm. The K-BreK kit was retro fitted from a Nissan Cima then completely reworked including those custom foglights and center section.

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (8)

All of the lights featured either projectors or LED’s, all custom. That’s the kind of stuff that separates Japanese cars from all others. Everything these guys do must be like no other.

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (7)

Fitment wise, you’re looking at a set of NKB CUP 3 piece wheels sized in 19×9.5 up front with an offset of -19 & 19×11 in the rear with an offset of -19. They are wrapped in Pirelli P-ZERO tires (F215/35/19 & R255/30/19). behind those sexy wheels is a big brake kit featuring 355 mm front and rear rotors & 4/6 pot calipers. The kit is made by SESSIONS.

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (6)

Last but not least, there are plenty of one offs pension parts including the coilovers themselves. This truly is an amazing build and I am honored to have the opportunity to share it with you guys. Be on the lookout for yet another one of the cars that rolls with these awesome guys. You’ll be very surprised as it’s something you’ve never seen before. Big thanks to Junichi-San & Yusaku-San for sharing their rides with us!

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (5)

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (4)

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (3)

Slammed & Fitted Nissan Stagea M35 (2)

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  1. luke truehart

    Damn those gotta b some bright frickin lights. Love that a wagon is gettin some love. some of the sickest cars is the mitsu vr4 wagon, always got a soft spot for accord wagons and the best ever is the AUDI wagons IMO. This car is dope tho for sure love the stance and especially the reworked kit. Good attention to detail and quality of build

    • brett strube

      hey luke i got a 95 accord wagon lowered on some kSports! simple and clean for right now

  2. okstance

    dam elvis this is NUTTTS! the clean and bold styling pulled off in such a seemly simplistic way.
    if anyone had any question why the US mimics Japan’s culture – this should quickly clear it up.

  3. Mike Watson

    The second shot down… I see what you did there :) #angles Awesome work!!!!


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