When it comes to a car that can “do it all” it’s really hard to top the Mazda Miata. Yes, the little roadster has a few stigmas attached to its name, but when you grow up and get beyond that these cars are a lot of fun. When you break it all down it does make sense; two-seater, RWD, roadster, huge aftermarket following, these cars are an absolute blast to drive and have plenty of options available when it comes to modifying them. Morocco, who hails from Washington and represents the Tailored Gang crew recognized the appeal of Mazda’s roadster, and soon found himself holding the keys to the car you see here.

Photos & Video By: Kee May & Mike Sugg exclusively for StanceNation.com

Prior to the roadster, Morocco had a really clean and well sorted EM1 Civic, and his good friend Karim was the owner of this Miata. “I had my eye on it for quite awhile but I was not really ready to part with my Civic at the time,” explains Morocco but as he said it was only a matter of time. Eventually, he purchased the Miata from his friend Karim, and sold his Civic not long after so he could focus on the roadster. “I got the car on stock wheels without a hardtop but lots of quality parts for great deal and immediately fell in love with the car on the drive home.” That’s definitely one of the alluring features of the Miata; it just takes driving one to appreciate one.

However, Morocco couldn’t sit idle too long reveling in his latest purchase. Like a true gear-head, the car was back home and up on jacks to sort out the rolling stock because, let’s face it, a Miata dumped on stock wheels just wasn’t going to cut it very long for our man here. One of the parts to stay from his old Civic were the wheels, and they look right at home on Morocco’s Miata. The Work Meister S1s are classic wheel and one of my favorite designs to boot. These Meisters sized up at 15×9.5 -1 all around ended up being pretty much a perfect fit for their new home (see, sometimes there’s a little luck when it comes to building cars). Wrapped snugly in 195//45/15 Toyo T1Rs and dropped on a set of Megan EZ coils, the tires disappear into the fenders and the lips get closely acquainted with the body panels.

On the outside, Morocco added his own touch to spice things up a bit. A Garage Vary front lip, Feed side-skirts, and R-spec rear lip hint at the motor-sports nature of the little roadster. He also added an OEM hard-top with rear visor and a Touge Run trunk spoiler. Rounding out the exterior mods are a euro-style rear panel and IL Motorsports half-up headlight kit. The car is clean and simple, almost OEM-plus, yet it looks tough as nails rolling down the road or sitting still. It’s a classic look and Morocco has done a great job not taking things too far, but things might change. He’s planning on adding a set of rear over-fenders, which personally I’m not too keen on, but I’m sure Morocco will pull it off nicely.

On the inside things are clean and simple like the exterior. What I love about Morocco’s Miata is that the British Racing Green cars came with a lovely black/tan interior. Normally I don’t like tan interiors, but I feel it works on certain cars and this is one of them. Still Morocco added his own touches that flow nicely and nothing really jumps out at you. One of the almost must-have mods for Miatas is an aftermarket steering wheel, especially if you’re a bigger guy like myself. A Works Bell hub and quick-release help attach a Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel. The driver’s seat has been replaced with a Bride Vios rep seat and Sparco harness. The biggest addition to the interior is the Hard-Dog M2 roll bar which works as well as it looks. The stock 1.6L is not a factory power-house, but there are a few additions to help liven things up a bit. Of course with how low the car is, and with plans of going even lower, the motor has been raised 1.5 inches to help prevent any cracked oil-pans.

In the short time that the Miata has been in his possession, Morocco has done a great job making it into his own and leaving his mark. The car is so clean and almost understated but if you clocked this car at a show or saw it rolling down the freeway you couldn’t help but stare. And that’s another great thing about Miatas is even at this height, they are still functional! “One of my favorite things about the car would have to be the wheels and the way they fit as well as the pure drivability of the car regardless of how low it is.” As mentioned earlier, Morocco has a few plans to change things up in the future, and we’re definitely looking forward to it. However, I still love the current look of this car a lot that I would be hard-pressed to change anything. Still, big props to Morocco for turning out a killer Miata, and the rest of the Tailored Gang crew holding it down in Washington (they’ve got some sweet cars too so look them up on facebook). Enjoy some more shots by Kee May who did a great job on the shoot.

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  1. Zachary

    great build it looks gorgeous. Personally i cant fit in a miata (being over 6’2″) but i love mazda and would take the time to find an FD rx7

    • Chris G.

      I’m 6’3” and I fit in my Miata just fine. Granted, I took out the door handles/door arm rests and plan on making the center console a little different to accommodate my knees, but I do fit.

  2. Stiggahigga

    I know this is stancenation, but that thing is too low!

    Still hot though.

  3. Michael Sinclair

    Dude is hammered, those FEED sides are dope. Also over-fenders are one of those things where it depends on the person. Dope Miata.

  4. Jakub Jodlowski

    Kee May & Mike Sugg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you

  5. Michael

    Every car you guys feature should have a video, everything about this feature was awesome!

  6. Alex

    I personally prefer the OEM headlights, but this thing is gorgeous. Too low? No such thing. Respect for the dedication.

  7. Izzy

    That this is super low, I wonder how it would fair in Texas with the horrible roads here.


  8. nattydread

    its sitting nice and looking clean but the over fenders can make things look weird

  9. Kyle

    Izzy, my previous car was a stanced NA miata that was so low it literally broke reflectors off the road. Tx has some of the best roads in the US, IIRC

  10. anthony

    how did you get it so low on ez streets??? mine doesn’t go as low did you remove collars???


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