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The Honda S2000 has become an extremely utilized platform in the stance and fitment scene. With simple suspension modifications, and wheel and tire packages, the 2000 can go from an average drop top weekend cruiser to a frame scraping example of stanced perfection. Miro Sutai owns this eye catching Honda, and has incorporated his own unique style through the use of various suspension, wheel, and vinyl setups over the past four years to build an attention grabbing daily driver. This latest, and final form of his Honda S2000 shows just how much a car can be transformed, if you have the right knowledge and style.

Photos By: Miro Sutai exclusively for StanceNation.com

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Flush Aggressive Fitment Honda S2000 (6)

Miro has owned this Honda for 5 years, and it has gone through a number of different transformations since then. He first fell in love with the S2000 when he was 16, and vowed that one day he would own one; we all know that feeling, and its refreshing to see someone actually acquire the car that they claimed they would one day own! After picking the car up, it immediately became a means of expression for Miro, and paved the way to the co-founding of his automotive design company JSUTAI in 2011. The goal of JSUTAI is to work with other enthusiasts, to “create distinct and trendsetting automotive designs that inspire and create new forms of self expression”, and they couldn’t have better car than Miro’s S2000 to pioneer and represent the JSUTAI movement.

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The fitment on Miro’s Honda is devastating; with the rolled and shaped fenders sitting just millimeters from the lips of the wheels, and the frame hovering just off of the ground. In order to achieve this incredible stance, a set of JIC coils were bolted in, with custom spring rates to keep the frame from smashing into the ground, and the wheels from making contact with the body. With the Honda sitting low, it was time to fill the wheel wells; this car has had a number of different wheel setups, including various sets of Works, and even a couple pairs of Enkei RPF1s. This time however, a set of SSR Professor SP1 Wheels were decided on, and the faces were sprayed matte teal, with the lips being hit with the same teal in a multi stage process polished finish. Miro finished off the Prof SP1s with high gloss red bolts, and custom SSR decals. This isn’t the first set of teal wheels that have been on the car before, and who can argue with that; the vibrant teal wheels contrast so well with the red body, make them stand out in a crowd, and draw attention to the insane fitment that the S2000 boasts.

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Flush Aggressive Fitment Honda S2000 (6)

Taking a look at the exterior, it is kept relatively simple and clean. The Honda retains its sleek lines and intended sophistication with the addition of an OEM front lip, OEM side skirts, and an OEM hardtop; which only add to the aggressive nature of the car, without taking away from its factory appeal. Miro finished off the exterior with a Backyard Special wing, and the turn signals, front bumper, and the exterior door handle locks were all shaved, and the full car was resprayed in the factory red. The whole roof was wrapped in a custom JSUTAI vinyl that is color matched to his SSR’s. This last touch sets this S2000 apart from the many others out there, and also is a great way of promoting and advertising JSUTAI.

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With countless awards for fitment, and overwhelming notoriety in the automotive stance game, it is clear that Miro knows what he is doing when it comes to building a trendsetter. And now he can provide other enthusiasts with the same ability, through his automotive design company JSUTAI. It is sad to see that Miro’s Honda S2000 was recently sold, but we know that his next project will come out of the woodwork with even more influence. To keep up on what Miro and JSUTAI have been up to, check out www.jsutai.com, and be sure to leave a comment down below to let us know what you think of Miro’s ride!

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