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Often, it can be difficult to prioritize correctly.  Distractions, loss of motivation, and simply a lack of organization can plague even the most earnest attempts.  Jake Reining of Amarillo, TX is obviously one of those rare individuals who has mastered the complex art of prioritization.  His 2010 Hyundai Genesis was built in a very short time span in order to meet an important deadline that looms over many in the industry – SEMA.  Astonishingly, the Genesis project continued and is now in its second iteration since it debuted at SEMA 2012 and featured in S3 Magazine.  Pursuing a complete build adds to the intricacy of the prioritization process, many projects will have intense focus in certain areas and will be lacking in other departments.  It’s always impressive to see extensive builds happen in a relatively short time period.

Photos By: Jake Reining exclusively for StanceNation.com

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The Hyundai Genesis definitely hit the scene at a special time.  For quite a while it seemed as if manufacturers had long forgotten sporty coupes, not to mention rear-wheel drive versions.  Jake was drawn to the new Hyundai offering after considering several other turbocharged options.  The aptly-named coupe stood out as a unique platform and he preferred its rear-drive configuration over the other choices that were available at the time.  I have always seen the Genesis as a refreshing car that the market truly needed.  Even if you aren’t a fan of the car itself, the ripple effect it will inevitably have on other manufacturer’s future models is something to be appreciated.  Its sleek lines are attractive and elaborate from the factory, yet the car is still complimented well by modification.

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Those swooping lines are furthered by a variety of additions on Reining’s Track model.  The Hannah front end centralizes the large intercooler while sideskirts from Sarona continue the lowered body line to finish at the Sarona diffuser.  A well-executed fender pull at each corner substantially increased the girth of the coupe and it is finished in BASF R-M’s beautifully subtle Cement Gray with Metallic Blue Pearl paint.  The ViS carbon trunk and HC carbon hood are exposed, displaying the ever-popular composite and providing contrast alongside the taillight treatment and Spec-D projectors.

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Of course, Jake did not simply prioritize the exterior.  The cabin is exquisitely appointed featuring a pair of custom-upholstered Corbeau race buckets amidst pieces from Diode Dynamics.  Audio has also been comprehensively optimized with Infinity components.  The hydro-dipped panels are striking and coincide with the exterior color choice perfectly and tell tales of the systematic attention to detail that is evident throughout the build.

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The turbocharged powerplant was one of the main selling points for Jake and that quality has been enhanced significantly.  A TurboXS GT turbo kit featuring a GTX2867 turbocharger ups the ante on the often underrated Korean engine.  Deatschwerks 750cc injectors with a TurboXS tune insure adequate fuel and ignition curves, while Competition Clutch components assist in transferring the improved power to the ground.  An HKS carbon engine cover is present to keep everything tidy.

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During the 2012 SEMA Show Jake became a lucky recipient of the prestigious FelgenOutlet award for Best Wheel/Tire combination and it was certainly well-deserved.  The Blonix Snowflake RS wheels are incredibly exclusive, he notes that they are one of only two sets in existence that he is aware of.  Measuring at 19×9” -11 in the front and 20×10.5” -6 in the rear, they fill out the modified fenders perfectly with the Toyo T1-S tires.  The unusual design of the wheels is striking, blending delicate beauty with industrial strength in polygonal harmony.  Enormous Brembo calipers in signature red hue peak out from behind the wheels, which are nestled close to the blistering fenders.  An AirRex air ride system, featuring twin Viair pumps, suspends the Genesis – according Reining it was possibly the first Genesis on air suspension stateside.

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Jake Reining is a man who understands priority.  Unfortunately, he has had to shift his priorities away from cars as his young daughter is experiencing some health issues.  He tells us the project is on hold, while he’d like to continue with the engine and possibly add a roll cage – he obviously is focused on his family.  Regardless of the future of his Genesis, this thorough build is remarkable and we at Stance:Nation wish his little one the very best.

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Sometimes, words of thanks are best left to the original author:  “First and foremost this build would have never happened without the support of my Amazing wife Cindi and the support of my Team Sun*Works team mates Chris Houts, Peter Terry and Derek Kongsy. I also have to give a huge thanks to Mike Crisp of Crisp Customs here in Amarillo. He is the mastermind that made sure every panel fit perfect, made the huge fender pulls look OEM, and of course he is the one that sprayed the amazing paint job as well as other little details that just make everything flow. In addition, without my sponsors a build of this level would not have happened so I need to thank Raj, Mark and Jermaine at TurboXS, Glenn at ProSport Gauges, Brian at BASF R-M, Conn at Competition Clutch, Janoy at Blonix Wheels, Stan at Toyo Tires, Jamie at Amsoil, Carlos at SSP Vinyl, Sarah at Mishimoto, Mike at Import Shark, Paul at Diode Dynamics, Bryan at Motorsports Authority, Paul and Marshall at Forjworks/AirRex, Andrew at Corbeau Seats, Chris at Deatschwerks, Khris Uy for all his help with SEMA and everything else, and the guys at KillerWaxx.”

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27 Responses

  1. Raj

    Great write up!!! Congrats Jake, you did an outstanding job on your car.

      • gabe

        Theres a certain increased level of appreciation and respect you give someone when they are ridding low and riding static…..im with vincent on this one

      • vincent

        i never rly liked air suspension, they drive around with a jeep and when they are standing still they drop it too low. but hey thats just my opinion and im sure there are plenty that like it ;)

      • jake

        See I don’t ride around like a Jeep, I ride low, the air is used to get into my driveway which even when all the way up I still have to remove my bumper. I do understand what you are saying though.

      • Mitchell

        He probably doesn’t like Air to due it’s not legit.

        people don’t realize that Air will save your car. When you hit that bump at 80km/h and loose that pretty exhaust of yours and along with a bumper or two. You soon will love air.

  2. Danny Cruz

    There’s just something about this generation Genesis that’s so much cooler than the newer one. On the street, even stock, the older gen is cooler than the newer one. This one however, takes it to a whole other level of awesomeness.

  3. jake

    Vincent you realize the AirRex airride is designed to be used on a racetrack if wanted right? The owner of it races his in a pro circuit and has done very well with it.

  4. ridinlow@gencoupe.com

    Props to Jake for representing gencoupe at it’s finest..Ridinlow

  5. Justin

    The car is great! Love these cars own one myself, but as put together as this car is… just every little detail HOW? can he stand that CF Hood! That fitment is awful, I know CF rarely is an exact fit but I would be embarrassed if it was my product (HC Racing.)

  6. Travis

    Not a fan of the Hyundai Genesis in anyway…. but I appricate the work going into this one !

    • jake

      The engine cover is discontinued. HKS made 50 of them. There are replicas though.

  7. Tyler

    This is a well done car however the carbon fiber needs to go. Besides that very awesome!

  8. Joshua

    Favourite Gen Coupe hands down! Shame we don’t get them down here in Australia. Not yet anyway.

    Does anyone know what colour the respray was done in?

  9. Eric

    sick ass engine bay. and i fell in love with these rims. amazing car overall

  10. Amos

    Anyone know details on the bumper quick release clips? I’ve been looking for a set that look good without much success. I really like the Sparco clips, which these resemble, but haven’t found a good source to purchase them.

    Nice work on the car–put together very well!

    • jake

      They were sourced from overseas by a friend, I haven’t been able to find any more.

      • Amos

        Thanks, that is what I have experiened in my search. The Sparco’s have to be purchased from Japan and there are sketcky reviews on the sellers. I don’t have time for the hassle of trying to get them here. I’ll just keep looking-

  11. luke

    this car is mint. Love all of it. I’ve liked these cars since they came out but wasnt sure the quality of car since its a Hyundai but it seems they’ve turned their product around and are putting out some desent stuff. As for the people that dont like air its because they’ve never rode in a car with. If u have and still dont like it ur crazy why ride around stiff as shit bouncing everywhere and scraping on everything. To me its the opposite I don’t give credit for an uncomfortable ride and always wasting money replacing products cus u keep smashin em and who really wants to carry around a few planks of wood to get in and out of driveways. its a pain in the ass and not fun. Anyways sick as build love it


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