Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (18)

The Nissan Silvia has certainly slid its way into becoming one of the most popular cars in today’s car scene.  Like the Honda Civic, the Silvia boasts a cheap entry price and loads of customizing options.  The fact that it’s rear-wheel drive and comes from the factory with a 2.0L, turbocharged engine (at least in Japan) is another reason for the sporty coupes popularity.  With so many examples out there it can be quite the challenge to stand apart from the crowd.  Yokohama, Japan resident Shun Saito was up for that challenge though, and today we have his incredibly clean S14 Silvia to share with you.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (17)

It’s almost a rarity in today’s scene to see a Silvia that isn’t smashed up and painted a multitude of colors.  “Missile” cars suck big-time (at least that’s my opinion) and are one of the reasons why it’s so hard to find clean examples of Silvias anywhere.  I understand that drift cars get used and abused, but it’s totally different to run around and flaunt a beat-up car like it’s something other than a beat-up car.  Luckily for us, Saito-san has kept his S14 in a pretty good condition, and is certainly a car worth featuring here on S:N.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (16)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (15)

Saito-san has owned his S14 for close to two years and it’s pretty obvious from the wonderful photos that he has been pretty busy with it.  Clean is an understatement, and the car has an almost classic look to it.  It doesn’t sport any wild aero, giant spoilers, crazy paint or graphics, or a wild set of wheels.  The car is simple, understated, yet it still looks oh-so good.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (14)

Saito-san’s S14 is adorned with a few choice exterior mods that keep things subtle, yet play well with the car’s stock, aggressive lines.  The kouki S14 looks pretty good from the factory so you don’t really need to go crazy on the exterior with body kits and the like.  Maybe this is why Saito-san’s S14 stands out to me?  It’s rare to see a nearly stock-bodied S14 these days.  This S14 wears body-armor from C-West which has a reputation for clean, track-inspired aero pieces.  Saito-san also deleted the fog lights and swapped out the JDM tail lights for USDM tail lights.  With the fresh body mods laid down, it was time to load the spray-gun.  For the paint, Saito-san chose Nissan’s Gun Metallic Grey from the Nissan Cube, and it looks amazing on his S14.  Grey is always a hit-or-miss color for me since it’s a neutral color, but it works really well here with this S14.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (13)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (12)

For his wheel choice, Saito-san went with something equally as classic and subtle as his S14.  Volk TE37 are certainly an iconic wheel, and I’m glad Rays is continually “reinventing” the wheel, so-to-speak.  The TE37Vs look right at home on Saito-san’s S14, and the deep, step-lipped design is just so delicious.  Great fitment is pretty much a standard now when it comes to Silvias, and this S14 certainly doesn’t disappoint.  These TE37Vs are sized up at 17×9.5 -15 in the front and 17×10 -20 in the rear, and combined with the copious amounts of camber front and rear tuck nicely under the arches.  Simple, classic, beautiful.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (11)

With the wheel choice completed, Saito-san turned his attention to the suspension.  For his Silvia, he turned to the maestros at Kunny’z and is running their Racing Gear dampers.  For those not in the know, Kunny’z is pretty much synonymous when it comes to drifting in Japan.  Saito-san is also an avid drifter so he puts these dampers to the test personally, and not only do they perform well, but they also help his car achieve, and maintain, that awesome stance.  To further fine-tune his suspension, Saito-san added adjustable toe arms and upper control to the mix.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (10)

Despite the Silvias in Japan coming with the option of a turbocharged, 2.0L SR20DET motor, a stock SR wasn’t going to cut it for our man here.  Saito-san’s S14 isn’t just about a killer stance and nice set of wheels, he’s worked over the SR fairly well too.  At the heart of it all is a HKS GT-RS turbo kit and exhaust manifold which feed compressed air through a Greddy intercooler before meeting entering the SR.  A quartet of Tomei 740cc fuel injectors feed the thirsty 2.0L, and combined with HKS 264 camshafts (both intake and exhaust), and an HKS F-Con V-Pro controlling everything, this S14 is conservatively at 300hp.  On the inside, things are all business.  An 8-point roll-cage dominates the interior along with a pair of Bride Zeta3 seats.  A Momo Drift 330mm steering wheel provides Saito-san’s input, and a STACK instrument cluster replaces the factory unit.  STACK units are extremely trick, and add a very race-car touch to any interior.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (9)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (8)

So with everything laid out bare, can everyone please take note?  This is how it’s done.  No flashy aero, no mis-matched body panels, no smashed up bumpers and fenders, a proper set of wheels, and complete motor and interior to match the aggressive looks.  Saito-san kept things clean and simple, and he’s caught the eye of a lot of people, because there is no denying that this looks damn good.  With so many Silvias and 240sxs being wrecked (literally and figuratively), it really is comforting to see Saito-san’s car in such impeccable shape.  I can only hope this article will help influence others to keep things clean while still pushing the limits.  Don’t say it can’t be done because you’re looking at the proof right here.  Enjoy a few more photos, and feel free to share your thoughts below.

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (7)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (6)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (5)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (4)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (3)

Slammed Japanese Nissan Silvia S14 (2)

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  1. Jesus

    i’m sorry but sometimes this website really irritates me. people with missiles don’t ‘flaunt’ their cars, people with missiles drive their cars fucking hard! and the majority of the japanese drivers/drifters have battered to shit cars, purely because they drive like absolute heroes. You guys have got it all wrong.. Function > Form.

    • Jesus

      For example look at Team Burst’s cars and then look how well they drive.

      • 7Tune

        No, he doesn’t have it confused, Elvis. Let’s reiterate…

        ”Missile” cars suck big-time (at least that’s my opinion) and are one of the reasons why it’s so hard to find clean examples of Silvias anywhere.”

        Is that so? Perhaps in the States. Don’t you know that “Missiles” in Japan are basically training vehicles for the pros? They all have one or two. That goes for the biggest names in the game including guys like Daigo Saito.

        You might think Missiles “Suck big time” but the pros in D1 and D1SL and MSC don’t want to bend their comp cars sharpening their skills.. so they practice on a beater.

        Does that somehow make them cool? Nope. It’s just the way it has to be.

      • John K.

        but do the D1 Pros run around showing their beat-up missiles like they’re some show-worthy car? There is a trend in the US where it is apparently “cool” to have a beat up car. Maybe it started with the “patina” look or rat-rods, but the whole missile-fad is stupid. Sure, have your practice car, but keep it as that. When drifting was still young in the US, we never had practice cars. If we banged up our cars, we fixed them. Now, it seems it’s “cool” to drive around missing bumpers and to have your lights hanging by zip-ties because of some illusion of “street cred.” All I see when I see a car like that at a meet is someone who lost control of their car and hit the wall…not that cool in my book. If you want to showcase beat-up missile cars on your site, feel free.

      • s13 Randy

        in real life Missiles explode dont they…. enough said lol ill take my super clean s13 over any of the missiles around my town , a torn off front lip or cracked and haggared bumpers with zip ties doesnt give you street/drift cred and yeah they can drive their cars like heroes all day but ill put money on it that the drift heroes your talking about have a much cleaner/better daily driver

      • Super Him

        The mentality of thinking that a beat up car “looks good” in terms of styling, or gives you some kind of status is kinda off, but I wouldn’t say that missile cars per se suck.
        I pass in front of a drift car tuning shop every single morning, and every single one of the cars are banged up, mangled fenders cracked and paint chipped off everywhere. If it’s a “genuine” drift car, it will be bashed up. Most people can’t afford 2 cars so if you you drift the car, it won’t stay clean. My friend told me he sat next to a D-1 driver in his drift car, and at the end of the day, his aero kit was practically destroyed.

      • Missiles still cute doe xD

        This thing is beautiful! not a fan of the Color but to each there own! car is clean and aggressive in all the right places!!

        now for a rant lol

        Why hate on someone who loves there car. be it “Stance” “Drag” “Drift” or whatever you like. if there is one thing i don’t like in our car scene is judgment. What’s the point? i don’t see a point in hating on Drift Missiles. if someone gets there kits out of sliding and with what comes with it (Car BooBoos =,() then why pass judgment? let them enjoy there car. Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder right? To drifters a Missile is a just marks of battle! and yes we would LOVE our cars to stay nice, clean, boring -_- but while drifting stuff happens and our cars where it with pride. and yes! i have a missile and a clean daily. but! when I’m out chillin the nice daily is cool. it rides softer for one lol but that’s like my WIFE. when I’m out with the boys sliding the missile is like my sexy little chick on the side ;D

        my point is. Beauty is in the eye of the BEER HOLDER!! xD even “Ugly” Missiles can be sexy ;0

    • Vincent

      Your too caught up in the “scene” to even appreciate a nice build. The car shows signs of being driven hard but that does not make it a missile IMO. That just means you caught a glimpse of the car with some damage. Team burst cars are haggard, beat up cars because they refuse to fix them. There are plenty of drift cars out there with great drivers that drift less functional cars all over Japan and your comment let’s everyone know that YOU had wrong from the jump. Go back and play amongst the children in the” scene” so the true enthusiast and people who have a real appreciation for this continue to do what we do.

  2. Jacob

    so…how are JDM parts that are on a JDM car something that should be included in the mods list? shouldn’t everything else that is stock on that car be listed if you’re going that route?

    • Alex

      Lots of drift cars/missiles are actually way lower than this. The camber and ride height helps get more aggressive angles.

  3. Jose Collazo

    What’s up with the |_EVE_| ONE crew decal on the windshield? Are they world wide or something?

  4. Richard

    To be honest, i’ve never really liked s14. But damn this one; I got to give props to the owner of this car, looks really really good!

  5. Francisco

    JESUS, I could not a gree with you more but this doesn’t surprise me since it comes from a website that focuses more on the wheels of a car and how negative the camber is more than it’s performance. And missile cars are more than just beat up cars they show you have no fear and drive the car to its limits like they should be ( or you really suck at driving lol ) either way most of those cars deserve more respect than the majority of the garage queens featured here. I’m not hating though most cars here are nice to look at but they’re just that nice cars to LOOK at.

  6. Juan P.

    Beautiful car loving the stance its perfect. I would love to see some 18s on them 17s look kinda funny on it but overall. Two thumbs up!

  7. Zee

    I had this huge email typed out. I rode in this S14 all day.
    Appreciate the build leave all the politics behind and just appreciate that sites like this offer the oppurtunity to Saito-san a buddy of mine to showcase his ride. He looks up to all of you in the US and loves the way the scene is world wide. alot of people above made good points and made alot of jabs at the site Stance Nation. Why are you here anyways? Your on the main site writing negative statments. I just think that most of you are in denial Why follow the site when all your gonna do is troll. Again leave all the politics behind and appreciate the time it took me and saito-san and the editior of this page to go through all the hassle to post his up for all of you to see.

    Im out.

  8. koltan

    everyones so damn caught up in stupid shit , WE ALL LOVE CARS , END OF STORY . people have different tastes , respect everyones taste

  9. nattydread

    great what beauty, digging the color combo, this is a car I wouldn’t miss


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