Hard work. No one likes to DO hard work, welp, cause its hard. Its a characteristic that is yearned for, scarce, and sets many people apart from the rest. Some go all their life without an ounce of hard work but when that one individual is genuine and strives to do well, that person make all the difference in the world. Its very difficult to come by, but when it is found, the end product is usually near perfection. This all holds true for this S2000. There are many like it, but this one takes the cake. Simply take a look at the mod list and you’ll already be impressed. Say hello to John Paul’s wicked S2000.

Photos By: Chris Petruccio exclusively for StanceNation.com

John is not new to building cars and he doesn’t just walk into a build without any knowledge. Prior to this matte metallic blue beauty, he had invested a lot of his finances to a Civic – a $40k+ investment that is. In the beginning John was apprehensive but I, for one, am glad he took the plunge and built this fine S2000. He envisioned something different from the rest. Something unique, something John Paul. Either way, us fine denizens of the interweb can thank the S2ki.com members and good friends that also have modified S2000’s that encouraged him to build this slammed roadster.

John did not originally have the funds when he first wanted this car at the young age of 18. Since he was still in school, the $35k price tag was a hefty one that many of us in our teens could only think of as gargantuan. However, John Paul is different. Rather than give up and toss away his dreams, he temporarily tossed them on the back burner. 6 years later, he snagged the car and in these past 2 seasons, well, I don’t even need to tell you. You can see for yourself.

To give this car functionality, he decided to go with a Ksport Airtech Suspension with electronic remote system. Take note, because John is the first S2000 in the nation to have this unique setup. In addition, the red stitching looks great and this is all under false floor to allow the air goodies stay hidden!

Take a look at that clean engine bay. Perfection takes time and this thing is freaking spotless. Clean inside & out.

Is that a dryer sheet? Sofa King Fresh!? Who knows what the heck that means, but I for one can say this car is so f*cking fresh!

When deciding his wheel set up, John decided to run with CCW LM5’s in a custom anodized black. Bridgestone Potenzas RE11’s wrap around the  17”x10” & 17”x11” with a conservative stretch. The anodized black goes well with the Matte Metallic Blue from 3M that he took a painstaking amount hours on Youtube to learn proficiently. That just shows what else goes into a proper build besides money.

John took the time and effort to get every piece of this car to his specifications and to his own liking. Not only did he do all the work himself, he also used quality parts, going as far as even the tires. His reasoning behind this – “they’re your most important link to the road.”

The glossy blue Cusco Six-point roll cage is a great addition to this roadster as it helps protect John and his passenger from any possible rollover(knock on wood).

John says it himself, a lot of things are overlooked on this car. He says his favorite parts are those he sees himself. From the proper tire choice to the unpainted carbon fiber fender parts in the engine bay, the things that stuck out to me the most was the JDP Engineering Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser and the Tamon Design Carbon Fiber rear trunk spoiler. They provide a great contrast to the wrap.

When one takes a look at this car, you can’t help but feel a sense of amazement. Something about the way it sits, or maybe how all the lines from together, but it goes to show the work that was put into such a glorious vehicle. John has been an ASE certified mechanic for over 10+ years. All the experience and know how that he learned from his time as one has certainly helped him with this build. Moreover, here at Stance Nation, we truly idolize hard work. Thats why I was so amazed that when I found out that John himself put all the work into making this convertible into exactly how he wanted. “From boosting it to bagging it…I do pride myself in saying “I built that”. The only thing that he cannot take credit for is the tune, but hey, lets just let the pros handle that.

After we asked John what his intentions were for the car, he said that he still wasn’t done. He left us with a few parting words, “Even if we do finish them, there’s always that urge to change it up for next season to stay on top of the game and keep innovating, that’s what makes this lifestyle so interesting and continues to be what I enjoys most. Stay humble, build a clean car and enjoy every moment, that’s my motto.” I’d simply say, “John Paul, just keep being you.”