Kagawa regions one of the most anticipated events just went down and our photographer Kimura San just happened to be there! Before you proceed, please click here to check out last years coverage and see the kind of quality you can expect at Zeal up Japan. This years event was even bigger than last year with over 450 cars. Quality and variety is constantly on the rise in Japan and we are extremely happy to be able to share these photos with you. One of the cars that stood out to us was Ishikawa-San’s beautiful red Lexus LS400 // Toyota Celsior which we featured back last year. New wheels, new aero, and a few small changes gave the car a completely new look. Click here to check out last years feature. As always, make sure to click through all the pages and see all the photos. Until next year, enjoy!

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-1

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-3

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-4

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-5

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-6

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-8

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-9

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-10

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-11

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-12

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-13

Zeal Cup Japan 2015-14

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