Clear Blue skies, golden sun, 68 degree weather, the smell of salt water, and awesome looking cars rolling in packs down each and every strip. This being just a small illustration of what the weekend of November 13-15th was like. This was the weekend of the Annual Simply Clean 7, in Daytona Beach of Sunny Florida. A highly anticipating event yearly for car enthusiasts to come together, put faces to each other from social media, kick back with awesome cars and company, and have a good time for the weekend. This year’s show was mind-blowing, relative to the outcome of the cars and people that came all over to hang out in one place. The Florida Car scene has stepped up its game and this was the show to prove just that. There was a wide variety of cars in appealing, tasteful, and pristine condition. The Simply Clean team is known to accept notable and worthy candidates. Their choices definitely did not disappoint. The environment of the show was very calm, respectful, and intriguing. Everyone was out smiling, scouting people’s cars, conversing with each other, regardless of how hot the sun was during the day. The show is located in a central location, reachable by attendees of the event, no matter where their hotels were. I enjoyed myself with people all over, being that everything was in driving distance. Awesome event and I look forward to attend again next year.













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