First Class Fitment is often the favorite season ending show for the north east. Canibeat has been putting on this event for 5 or 6 years now and I am so happy to play my role in it again for the 3rd time. Usually taking place right after the hype of H2Oi dies down, everyone comes together at the Princeton Airport in NJ to enjoy a calm, chill, and laid back environment. There’s no crazy loud music blasting from random cars throughout the lot but instead the sounds of planes and helicopters taking off and landing in the background. The hand picked crowd that gets into #FCF is the top of the top builds from over the year. There’s always some crazy builds that get finished just in time for it as well. Dave Tormey, Cristian Loza, and the entire Canibeat staff does a great job of staying organized, getting out merch, and putting together some one of a kind trophies. This year I’ve done something not done before in the past. I’ve teamed up with Stance Nation to provide this video coverage from a Canibeat event. Its awesome to see one similar brand recognizing the strength of another. If you enjoy this video make sure to share it with a friend.