Been missing some proper Japanese VIP lately? Don’t worry – we got you! Drefes Kansai is one of our favorite events to cover because it truly is a mix of quantity as well as quality. The cars you’ll see in this coverage will either blow your mind away or make you wonder what the world is coming to, depending on whether you’re into VIP styling or not. A handful cars seen at this event are right up there with “the best” that Coke out of Japan. As a matter of fact we recognize a few of them from last years Tokyo Auto Salon, which as you know only happens to be the biggest and best automotive gathering in Japan. Sit back and enjoy some of the finest VIP rides that the beautiful country of Japan has to offer!

Drefes Kansai 2015-1

Drefes Kansai 2015-2

Drefes Kansai 2015-3

Drefes Kansai 2015-4

Drefes Kansai 2015-5

Drefes Kansai 2015-6

Drefes Kansai 2015-7

Drefes Kansai 2015-8

Drefes Kansai 2015-9

Drefes Kansai 2015-10

Drefes Kansai 2015-11

Drefes Kansai 2015-12

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