While filming for my cousins Kickstarter project out in Las Vegas, Nevada I met up with Shiro. I had followed Shiro for a while, not knowing that he lived in Vegas, I slid into his DM’s and we linked up for a shoot on one of the last days I was out there. Las vegas has some of the most wild sunsets I have ever seen, and I’ve been on a cross country road trip before. Driving through the mountains with snow on one side of the road but not the other and hanging out of the back of a 2004 Ford Expedition while the sun was setting was such an awesome experience. To be able to have captured that experience and now relay it to you guys, the viewers, is one of the best parts of my job. After we captured those rolling shots we turned down a desert road that seemed to go on forever. There we captured our detail shots and some amazing drone footage as you will see. Its a little muddy because I still have on an ND filter as it was getting dark out but they are still some of my favorite shots. After that we took a break and I ran back to my cousins to film a short segment for his video then met back up with Shiro to go down the strip hanging out the back of the Expedition again and see what happened. We captured shots out of the back hatch and the side windows. To my surprise we ran into 0 trouble and were able to make multiple runs up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. We then captured the overhead and highway shot you see and the final shot in his garage and called it a day. It was awesome moving to so many different locations and capturing a ton of unique footage. Not all went perfect though. I had Shiro do a lap with a microphone for audio but it came out to muffled so I had to make the call to scrap most audio. Either way I am super happy with how this came out. Especially the night time scenes. Can’t wait to be back in Vegas for Stance Wars coming up! Special thanks to @KuyaJoe_ on instagram for being the driver all day for the all the rolling footage you saw! He also have a video of this car make sure to check it out! If you guys enjoyed this video please make sure to share it with your friends! To see full feature of this Z please click here.